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In addition, this page lists alternative communities and tools which may be helpful to the Pizzagate researcher.

Some content can be considered upsetting or disturbing. Continue at your own discretion.

Fellow organizations against child trafficking

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Report suspicion of human trafficking:

International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

Lock Me Up/Free A Girl


Report suspicion of child exploitation:

Success stories:

Social Media

Reporting on Instagram:

World Militia

Operation Hydrant








General chat:

Expose Child Protective Services






Child Abuse



Legal effort

H.R. 6440: Justice for Child Victims Act of 2016 [2]

  • UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 [3]

Vigilante group hunting Norwegian pedophiles accepted judicially: [4] (Norse)

Calls for action and vigilance

Exploration bounty

A $2600 prize for anyone who can prove an underground system connecting to Comet Ping Pong or other suspect places nearby.


Proposal for a Formal Criminal Investigation into PizzaGate


Battling censorship, the #pizzagate meme would be replaced with others such as #Jesus, considered effective around the holidays and Christmas. Alternatives: #SonofMan, #SonofGod, #Immanuel, #Messiah, #SecondComing, #Christ, #KingoftheJews, #INRI, #islam, #usarmy, #HumanTrafficking, #fakenews, combined with Pizzagate related facts. This idea emerged in response to the deleted #pizzagate hashtags on Twitter, and could either be used in effect to spread Pizzagate under a different moniker (to a wider audience, or circumventing censorship), to explore to what extent the censorship is applied, or to demonstrate to unsuspecting people that their favorite hashtags appear disallowed, which depending on their meaning can cause controversy.

online community

Public discussion
  • Chat:


Battling and anticipating a widespread wave of censorship, these tools are used to save work and store online content, so that the online community remains to be relevant in their discussion and review.

  • To with a mouse click save and archive a copy of an entire single webpage:
  • To download Youtube videos:
Other videos:
  • Video hosting site
  • Save a website to .pdf format
  • Convert .pdf to .jpg
  • Picture hosting site

Beacon of free speech:


Notable cases


Public figures


Anonymously announced there would be an incriminating leak about a widespread corruption scandal. The subsequent leak happened as predicted and contained what was promised.

Andrew Breitbart,

Co-founded the Huffington Post, exposed elite exploitative pedophiles for example John Podesta as early as 2011,

David Seaman,

Youtube personality that suffered censorship speaking on Pizzagate, got fired from the Washington Post over speaking on Hillary Clinton's health issues

Julian Assange,

Founder of Wikileaks


These were created in part because of the urgency to call for attention and justice, partly due to the efforts to falsely discredit Pizzagate as a hoax. Raped-tortured-killed-pizzagate.jpg


Offenders speaking out

  • Satanic Priest for Bohemian Grove Blows Whistle on White House (Names Names) [5]
  • Lord James of Blackheath
Smuggled 10000's of 'completely terrified' children, 'herding' them from London onto boats to Australia.[6] , (Australia [[7]], UK [[8]], )
  • Anne Marie van Blijenburgh
Attended three sacrificial/rape/torture rituals in the Netherlands, attended by heads of state, ministers, military officials, royal family (then Queen Beatrix as reportedly paying Anne Marie's husbands Vatican gang "Octopus Syndicate/Ndragheta Mafia" to supply the children), claims intimate knowledge of burial sites containing 100's child corpses.[9] , (Netherlands [[10]], Italy [[11]] )

Victims speaking out


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