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DynCorp's connection to human trafficking in Afghanistan

In 2009, DynCorp contractors paid a 17-year-old Afghan Bacha Bazi performer to entertain them in Kunduz. Several Afghans were later arrested and investigated. A Wikileaks cable released after the incident stated that the Afghan interior minister at the time, Hanif Atmar, asked the assistant US ambassador to try to "quash" both the story and release of video from the incident. In response to the incident, DynCorp fired four senior managers and established a chief compliance officer position, which focused on ethics, business conduct, related investigations, and regulatory compliance. As of 2014, no DynCorp employee has faced criminal charges.

More Details On This Incident

According to TechDirt, Wikileaks released a secret report that showed the following:[1]

[A] report from a cable that US-based private security contractor DynCorp, who was hired by the US to train Afghani police, was apparently supplying drugs and young boys for a sort of sex party. The details are horrifying. The Afghani interior minister apparently went to US officials to warn them that reporters were sniffing around this story, and urged them to try to kill the story. He specifically warned that this would look bad if the connection to DynCorp was made clear (he called them "foreign mentors"). Apparently, US diplomats told him not to worry, and the eventual story was in fact watered down greatly (until now, of course) calling the whole thing a "tribal dance," rather than a party where young boys wear "scanty women's clothes" and "dance seductively" before being "auctioned off to the highest bidder" for sex.


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