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Public life

Amanda Kleinman, or 'Majestic Ape' is the lead singer and keyboardist of Comet Ping Pong's main band "Heavy Breathing". Majestic Ape exclusively wears sunglasses, a blonde wig, and a red ski mask during performances and appearances, while singing and talking into a microphone that simulates voice distortion, making it even more difficult to determine the identity of the person.
  • 'artist cv' on her website (verify?): [1]
- factoids: Employment: Undergraduate Academic Advisor for BFA students, Corcoran School of the Arts within George Washington University - Born: Silver Spring, MD 1973

References to pedophilia

Examples include

  • 'Music' video; casual mention (sexual references, drug references)
  • 'Music' video "U the One I Want"; Adults watching a child view sexually explicit material, Photo on wall of children bound and gagged
    Image from 0:12 of U the One I Want video (sexual images, murder)
  • 'music' video: "I No Luv" [2] has a reference to pedophilia
  • During a pre-gig talk with the audience, Kleinman refers to Jared Fogle, former American spokesman for Subway restaurants (one of which sits above CPP), saying that he used to like to come down here. When several audience members add that he also likes young boys and children [3], Kleinman laughs and says: "Well, we all have preferences." Fogle was sentenced to 15 years in prison [4] without parole for paying for sex with minors and receiving child pornography. [5]

She also jokes about child trafficking and infanticide (see Social network)

Unmasking Majestic Ape

It is as if Majestic Ape is fulfilling a certain role in the seemingly sinister community, with not just musical performances. This image is further attested by Kleinman's usage of code words in front of crowds during private meetings, whereas the select company appears unquestioning of Kleinman's attire, role, and language.[6] Then there is the possibility multiple people assume her persona. In this video, says "We can experience the joys of Satan right here in this room without meeting him."

Majestic Ape as Amanda Kleinman

Majestic Ape is an invention of Amanda Kleinman.[7] She performs as Majestic Ape.[8]

Majestic Ape as James Alefantis

It has been alleged that Majestic Ape might possibly be James Achilles Alefantis, however there is no solid evidence to support this claim. When examined, known images and footage of Majestic Ape more closely resemble Kleinman, particularly in height and mouth features. Amanda Kleinman is relatively short (around 5'4") and has a much more defined philtrum (upper lip groove) than James Alefantis.


Image of Majestic Ape comes from their "Airtight" Indiegogo video

Relationship to #Pizzagate

Connection to James Achilles Alefantis

Connection to Sasha Lord

If the speech was to be taken literal at their meeting, Amanda has intricate knowledge about Sasha Lord's family going back many generations, Sasha carried Amanda's baby, after which Amanda "euthanized" the baby for not liking it.[9]

Moderator's Note: First link of this video, according to YouTube, was "removed because of a copyright claim by Amanda Kleinman"[10]

Connections to James Huckenpahler

In Defense

Personal Social Media Response

Kleinman's response on Facebook[11]

Washington Post article in Defense


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