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IMDB: [1]

documentary (1hr 39min 25sec): [2]

The 2014 documentary An Open Secret details the men behind Digital Entertainment Network, who threw huge Hollywood parties where boys were being raped at gunpoint and being forced to do cocaine.

2015: Nominated for Stockholm (Sweden) Film Festival for 'Best Documentary'

  • 23May2015 [3] [4] - Amy Berg’s Hollywood Sex Abuse Documentary ‘An Open Secret’ Finally Lands Distribution, Goes to Cannes
  • child pictures/headshots sold without permission on ebay(photographers and sellers investigated)

Bob Villard

website: TVTEENS.NET

photographer & publicist .. and Bob Jameson? (another photographer)

Michael Harrah

"SAG Young Performers Committee & Child Talent Manager"

Brock Pierce

IMDB: [5]

moved in with Marc Collins-Rector in ___

Marc Collins-Rector

became a registered sex offender

Digital Entertainment Network

concentric network corporation? ISP

fled to England or Spain

Chad Shackley

Co-Founder of Digital Entertainment Network

Bryan Singer

  • wiki (section: Sexual abuse allegations) [6]

David Geffen

David A. Neuman

Brian Peck

  • 8June2015 [7] - (UK DailyMail) EXCLUSIVE: Pedophile X-Men actor convicted of sexually abusing Nickelodeon child star is STILL working with underage kids - Brian Peck served 16 months in prison after admitting two counts of abusing a Nickelodeon child actor - He was charged with eight counts of sexual abuse, including abuse by 'by anesthesia or controlled substance' - Actor, 54, was in two X-Men movies and all three Living Dead movies and is now featured in controversial documentary on pedophile abuse in Hollywood - Since release from prison he has been dialogue coach, worked on Disney series and played teacher and claims to be friend of Charlie Sheen - Only banned from direct contact with children, so he is able to work on children's series and on sets with underage actors - Tracked down by Daily Mail Online, he refused to comment on his 2004 conviction but not-for-profit says he shows why laws need to be changed

Michael Egan

Michael Egan III (victim) attorney Jeff Herman

(Nick) Nicholas Stojanovich

victim of ___

IMDB: [8] "Nicholas Stojanovich was born on March 15, 1985 in Harris County, Texas, USA as Nicholas Daniel Stojanovich. He is an actor, known for What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993), Ed Gein (2000) and The Apostle (1997)."

Evan Henzi

cousin of Darian Weiss (son?) of (Marty) Martin Weiss

James G. (?)


Joey Coleman

Chris T.

Todd Bridges


Jesse Bering, Ph.D.

"Author of 'Perv: The Sexual Deviant in All of Us'"

Anne Henry

co-founder of Bizparents, an organization set up to help young actors, claimed Hollywood was currently sheltering “100 active abusers” and a “tsunami” of claims was emerging. [9]

see also: Corey Feldman, Macaulay Culkin, ...

Krisha Bullock

"Casting Director"

Chris Snyder

"former talent agent"

Michael Huffington

former Congressman?

Garth Ancier

Gary Wayne Goddard

  • [10] civil action (US dictrict court for the district of Hawaii) Michael Egan III (plantiff) vs. Gary Wayne Goddard (defendant)

Victor Salva

Prior to becoming a director, Salva worked in a daycare

11Sept2015 [11] - Child Molester Victor Salva Directing Third JEEPERS CREEPERS Movie

Penn State Pedophilia Scandal

referenced in the documentary in a secret recording by Evan H. (around 1 hr mark)

Noted Investors of Digital Entertainment Network

  • Terry Semel: former Yahoo CEO
  • Mitchell Blutt: Wall Street czar
  • Gilbert Friesen: A&M Records head (now deceased)
  • Gary Gersh: manager and label executive
  • Ben Savage and Fred Savage: actors
  • tech companies: Microsoft and Dell, Intel NBC,

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