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Antonin Scalia


Antonin Gregory Scalia was an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1986 until his death in 2016. Scalia died in his sleep at age 79 on the night of February 12 or the morning of February 13, 2016 in Shafter, Texas. He was pronounced dead of apparent natural causes.[1]

Possible assassination and involvement of John Podesta

Image number 1 is of an email, discovered in the Podesta emails provided by Wikileaks, which shows John Podesta talking to a Steve Elmendorf about "wet works" at "the Vineyard" just 3 days before Scalia's death.[2] FBIanon has suggested that Justice Scalia was looking into something the Clinton Foundation did not want seen.

A few hours after Scalia's body was found, John Podesta received an email from Christopher 'Chris' Stone of George Soros' Open Society Foundations discussing a possible replacement for Scalia.[3] Podesta receives another suggestion for a replacement Justice at this time from a Brent Budowsky.[4]

Potentially coded email describing the plot

There is another email sent to John Podesta from a "viejojoe" in which a "film project" is discussed.[5] This lengthy email includes a single link to the Smithsonian's website which is a map of Texas can be seen.[6] There is a single area which specifically has a line drawn to it, titled "Claimed by Mexico and the Texas". This location, as can be seen by our image comparison in image 2, is almost identical to the location of Scalia's vineyard. There is speculation that this email is a lengthy coded message, which seems to be supported by the mysterious nature of the sender, the sender's use of false personal information like being "Joe Patterson", and the "plot" of the movie discussed. Special thanks to Voat user LakeOfFire

Events after death which hint at a cover-up

In addition there were many unusual events following Scalia's death which hindered any further investigation:[7]

  • No autopsy
  • No medical examiner on site to decipher cause of death
  • No U.S. Marshal protection detail accompanying Scalia
  • No functioning CCTV cameras on day of death
  • Scalia found clothed on bed with pillow over face
  • Scalia’s body mysteriously cremated before it could be examined

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