Attempts at Normalization of Pedophilia

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  • Dr Judith Reisman's documentation of Alfred Kinsey's research at Indiana U in the 1950's of the sexualization of infants and children)
  • 7July2008 [1] - Fears Grow Over Academic Efforts to Normalize Pedophilia
  • Hollywood and Corporate Media are Crusading to Normalize Pedophilia [2]
  • (Vice)Do Canada's 'Creep Catchers' Target People with Disabilities? [3]
  • 5Oct2014 [4] - (NYTimes) Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime
  • Remember how child abuse victims tend to be accused of slander and "false memories", and how the child molesters are thus exonerated? Get this: The False Memory Syndrome Foundation itself was founded by pedophiles

:: - from voat [5] user: zzvoat