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British Broadcasting Company
British Broadcasting Company


The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) is a television network sponsored by the government of the United Kingdom. Famous BBC DJ Jimmy Savile was involved in numerous sex scandals including the alleged abuses of hundreds of children.

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  • 7March2015 [1] - The sinister treatment of dissent at the BBC - The whistleblowers who broke the Jimmy Savile story have seen their careers nosedive while executives protect their own status
  • (tweet) 16Aug2017 [2] - BBC (journalist?) refused to denounce pedophilia
  • (tweet) 20Aug2017 - [3] PolReport World: Reporter Who Exposed BBC Pedophilia Cover Up Found Dead. [4]
- 21Aug2017 [5] - Reporter (Liz MacKean) Who Exposed BBC Pedophilia Cover-Up Suddenly Dies at 52 - The courageous BBC reporter (Liz MacKean) who exposed one of the largest pedophile scandals in the history of the world has died at the age of 52

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