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Large scandals with cover-up

Virginia McMartin Preschool

Manhatten Beach, California 1980's

Ritual Satanic Abuse of preschool children

Franklin Scandal

Omaha, Nebraska 1998 - 1991

Pedophile ring centred around a Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska. Links with Washington DC and evidence of high-level coverup.

Dutroux Scandal

Belgium, 1995-1996

Marc Dutroux was an operative of an elite pedophile ring who was caught, and subsequently started unravelling something much larger. The case outraged the public, and there where widespread protests. However there is evidence of a major coverup protecting a high-level elite pedophile ring, and only a small number of nobodies were prosecuted.

Jimmy Savile

United Kingdom, approx. 1960's-1980's

Jimmy Savile was a high-profile, BBC presenter. After his death in 2011, victims started to come forward with sexual abuse allegations against him. The investigations into him unravelled another larger web, which also looked to be covered up.

Penn State Jerry Sandusky

Pennsylvania, 1970's-2009

Jerry Sandusky, convicted serial child molestor. Football coach. Founded a non-profit to help disadvantaged children. Seems to be closely linked to the Clintons.

Scandals involving single perpetrators

Kevin Johnson Mayor of Sacramento

HOPE Sacramento High School, 2007-2008

Accused of sexual assault and harrassment of female highschool students (minors). Possible cover-up by Obama administration.

Terry Bean

Oregan, 2013

Donor "bundler" for Barack Obama, arrested and charged for sodomy and sex abuse of a 15-year-old boy. Charges dropped when alleged victim refused to testify. He may have been involved in an exortion ring who secretly filmed people having sex.

Jeffrey Epstein

Convicted pedophile with links to the elite including the Clintons and Trump. See full article Jeffrey_Epstein for details.