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From Voat user @Sentastixc:

You’ve probably noticed Dutch/Belgian stories have been overrepresented, against the relatively small population of these countries.

The Dutch elite has had a pedophile problem for very long. I think earlier on they didn't always kill the children. So, many eyewitness accounts and victims have come forward over the years.

Apart from the recent example of Anneke Lucas we saw come by in the past few days,

there are more examples of eyewitness testimony, like Anne Marie van Blijenburgh

And then there are the multiple witnesses is the infamous Dutroux case

And in the Demmink case

The allegations made by multiple people are never addressed. Our media pays no attention and the state prosecutor just acts like these people are insane and completely ignores them. There is no separation of power left in this country. The judiciary has been fully absorbed by the legislative and administrative branches.

On the surface, it seems everyone in the country thinks it's normal that there are people publicly accusing our royalty and former prime ministers of these crimes, and that these accusations have never been formally denied. Much like is happening now in America, we have been in that perpetual state, where nobody 'official' or 'on tv' ever addresses this issue.

But don’t be discouraged by this, because America is not Europe. Remember that there live more people in the NY metropolitan area than the Netherlands. For that reason, among others, our establishment is much more entrenched. The elite is socially very immobile, as there is only a small linguistic space for them to operate.

As you may well know, university frats are where the initiations into the occult begin. We got a handful of old, established universities supplying their people to virtually every key position in government and a large majority of all business boards.

There is no free market, as government spending stands at 44.9% of GDP and very extensive regulation form huge barriers to start-ups and entrepreneurship. Many details of public life are controlled and regulated too.

Meanwhile, Dutch academia is thinking up rational explanation for the allegations.'s_Implanted_False_Memories_and_Additional_Script_Knowledge/links/09e4150085769763f3000000.pdf

Articles about Belgium/Belgians

  • CHILD SEX SCANDAL ROILS UNICEF UNIT [[1]] - published:25June1987 - "The head of the United Nations Children's Fund in Belgium resigned today after the disclosure of a child pornography case linked to the Belgian branch of the organization" ... "In a statement issued in Geneva, Unicef said it is deeply shocked by the scandal, which has led to 14 arrests in Belgium and others in Switzerland, France and Britain" etc

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