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Public life

42nd US president and husband to Hillary Clinton, and alleged sex addict.[1]

Relationship to #Pizzagate

May be a key player in covering up of elite pedophilia. There are many pieces of evidence that connect him to #Pizzagate including his closeness with the Clinton Foundation and suspicious activities with friend Jeffrey Epstein.

Connection to the Clinton Foundation

Co-founder of the Clinton Foundation. Numerous individuals associated with the foundation and its related Clinton Global Initiative have been associated with pedophilia and other heinous crimes.

Connection to sex offender Jeffrey Epstein

Clinton is known for his suspicious relationship and activities with level 3 sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein. Bill has flown on Epstein's infamous "Lolita Express" on 26 different occasions[2] and barred the secret service from flying with him many of those times. Epstein has been investigated, and even served time in a county jail. The charge was for soliciting a minor in Palm Beach at his mansion there, and the related plea bargain provided to Epstein displays many signs of illegality. Although many more victims came forward after his criminal trial, no further criminal trials have ever been brought related to Epstein's activities on his plane, the Lolita Express, or his private island, Little St James. This island has been visited frequently by the world's elite, many of which can be tied to the #Pizzagate investigation. It is believed that some or all of the minors involved in the sex crimes aboard Epstein's plane and island are victims of sex trafficking. For more details, see the Jeffrey Epstein page.

Connection to Ghislaine Maxwell

Connection to Ronald Burkle


Faced impeachment during presidency for having affair with assistant Monica Lewinsky.

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On February 4, 2008, the New Republic produced a list of the worst criminals closely associated with the Clintons. New Republic, With Friends Like These...:[3]

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