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Relationship to #Pizzagate

Connection to Jeffrey Epstein


a Schumer and Weiner eating pizza
Schumer and Weiner eating pizza

Connection to Anthony Weiner

From the Daily News Article, Falling Out: Anthony Weiner and former mentor Sen. Chuck Schumer at odds over mayoral campaign, by Dan Friedman, published on June 1st, 2013:[2]

When Anthony Weiner announced his campaign for mayor, he did it without calling his longtime mentor, Sen. Chuck Schumer, according to people with knowledge of the decision.

It was telling.

Weiner built his political career on the politics he learned as a staffer for Schumer, whose aggressive style and even physical appearance Weiner once bragged of sharing.

But nearly 15 years after Weiner was elected to Congress with Schumer’s blessing, their relationship is frayed, strained by years of conflicts — most especially over the sexting scandal that forced Weiner to resign in disgrace.

On the campaign trail, Weiner barely mentions Schumer. And Schumer refuses to talk publicly about Weiner.

Running without any support from Democratic powerbrokers or elected officials, Weiner’s campaign is, in some way, a lonely affair. Schumer’s distance from his protégé underscores just how politically isolated Weiner is.