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This summary represents key points where Bill Clinton and Clinton Foundation donors have worked to control ports so that they can move enslaved human beings for sexual purposes without oversight. Additional women and children may be enslaved at any step in the ring.

The evidence for many of these circumstances was due to Clinton associates being caught in financial or corruption-based crimes. This page is meant to provide an overview. Occasionally, citations will be inserted. However, for specific citations and more in-depth information about each of the people, places and organizations involved, please use the links provided throughout the text itself, or at the bottom of this page.

Also, thanks to VOAT User @dontkillmehillary on directing researchers to look at seaports and shipping containers. Shipping containers are known to be used for human trafficking.[1]



World Net Daily, not a particularly trusted source, first identified Bill Clinton's links to individuals known for being involved in international sex trafficking in 1999.[2] The same website even reported that a chapter of the National Organization of Women did their own research and pulled their support for Clinton, finding he assisted the sex trafficking industry.[3] However, with World Net Daily's track record for truthfulness, it is not a resource that should trusted without additional research. The research here bears out their basic premise, that Bill Clinton is linked to sex trafficking, definitely including women, but seemingly children as well.

Also useful for this discussion is an Asian trafficking ring that was broken up in November 2003. The US Feds busted a couple who reportedly brought thousands from China, seemingly by air, to the Philippines or other Asian countries to Caribbean islands, primarily French speaking ones, presumably including Haiti which speaks the French derivation Creole, then to Miami and then to other locations in the US.[4] Even though this was mostly done by air (with final legs by boat), it lays out the basic map of the geographic steps in a human smuggling ring. Those same channels, however, could be used here for sex trafficking and legs of the ring that were carried out by air, may also be done by boat. As only three people were busted by the feds, a lot of the international personnel and infrastructure may have even remained in place afterwards.


(Still under construction - may also involve Eastern European girls)

To China/North Korea/South Korea

There are several indicators that Asian countries are heavily involved in the ring and may provide the second step.

In 2013, Clinton's close associate, Terry McAuliffe will be caught by the FBI for receiving as much as $160,000 in contributions from a Chinese businessman who owns the company which controls the Dandong Port Group. Interesting to note for later about McAuliffe is that he also is one of Salomon Melgen's frequent visitors at the resort, Casa de Campo, which is in the Dominican Republic. The links between the Asian nations and the Dominican Republic will be a consistent theme.

The port of Dandong in China is known for prostitution involving North Korean women who were trying to escape the dictatorial regime of North Korea.[5] Dandong is right on the border of China and North Korea.[6] Euna Lee and Laura Ling were going to either investigate (or possibly assist in) the sex trafficking activities in that general area, but were caught by North Korean authorities and accused of engaging in sex trafficking. Bill Clinton immediately got involved and Steve Bing would provide $200,000 and his own private 737 for Bill Clinton to fly there as fast as possible. Clinton and Bing were clearly concerned. It may have been out of the goodness of their hearts, but it also could be the two women were working on their behalf, or that the international focus on these two women could be damaging to their Asian partners who consistently engaged in sex trafficking in that area (and then possibly be linked back to Clinton and Bing themselves).

Also worth noting, a 2002 Fox News investigative report accused Army personnel of assisting in sex trafficking activities in South Korea. The Dandong Port Group does mention engaging in transit to South Korea, specifically Inchon, so South Korea may be a launching point for the rest of the ring. Also, the victims mentioned in the Fox News report are Russian, so they may have been trafficked as part of a ring.

If that is the case, it may be worth looking into South Korean companies who have ongoing shipping activities. One contender, would be SAE-A, the South Korean clothing company which is housed by the Clinton's Caracol Industrial Complex in northern Haiti. Researcher Monica Petersen suspected the Caracol Complex was engaged in human trafficking in the last post she made before she died - possibly by murder (as some of her friends and family suspect).

Finally, Bill Clinton has close ties to Ng Lap Seng, who reportedly owns a brothel in Macao, and who a former member of the Hong Kong PD believes is involved in an international sex trafficking ring (hint: it's this one). Seng also must have some sort of international network for trafficking, as many of the women at his resorts are Russian and Eastern European.

To The Panama Canal

The benefit of owning and controlling a port is that it allows the owners to control the flow of illegal goods through that port. The owner can allow friends to traffic illegal goods and people freely, and stop it for others. This was exactly the concern of the US Southern Command in 2000 when they found out then-President Bill Clinton had given control of the Panama Canal to Chinese businessman, Li Ka-shing and his company. Clinton had lied and said that the canal would be under the control of Panamanians.[7] [Archived Link]

It is important to note that the Panama Canal is not like a normal canal, which would let vessels move through freely, and is more akin to a port. The canal has several gates and has inspections of ships passing through. It also has fees, usually around $50,000 but which can reach up to $350,000. The inspections themselves can take several days. Thus the benefit of having a friend like Li Ka-shing on the inside, is it could stop intrusive inspections, bypass the costly canal usage fees, and allow the vessels to move through the canal with little to no waiting period (which can be particularly important with live cargo).

To Hispaniola: Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Quick geography note for those unaware, Haiti and the Dominican Republic share the same Caribbean island of Hispaniola. Haiti is on the leftward portion of the island and the Dominican Republic is on the rightward portion.


There are several key events that indicate the Clintons' human trafficking may involve the country of Haiti. The least of which is that, as mentioned before, Monica Petersen was investigating such activities and possibly was murdered in the process. Petersen was investigating the Caracol Industrial Complex and the VCS Mining Facility, the latter of which Hillary's brother, Tony Rodham, has a role in advising. There are peculiarities involving those facilities. First, the Caracol Complex was built to benefit the Haitian people. However, it was built in the rural northern area of Haiti, not the populous southern region which was the part most directly in dire need of assistance because of an earthquake in 2010. To support those two facilities, the USAID, which was under the control of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, would expend funds to renovate the port at Cap-Haitien, where VCS Mining is located, and the second closest port to the Caracol Complex (the port at Fort Liberte was initially considered). USAID had not engaged in building a port in more than 30 years and would do a terrible job of it, according to the Government Accountability Office.

There is one benefit to basing a ring in the northern portion of Haiti. If one were to traffic people into the Dominican Republic, the northern portion of the Haiti-Dominican Republic border is the most unwatched and porous.[8] As noted, this ring has an earlier involvement in Asian nations and Haitian officials have identified Chinese mafia utilizing the northern border to attempt to traffic Chinese and Koreans into the Dominican Republic.[9] That is interesting because, as was mentioned before, the Caracol Complex, which is near the border, houses the South Korean garment manufacturer, SAE-A.

Wikileaks emails would reveal that Hillary Clinton was also heavily involved in attempting to prevent the conviction of child trafficker, Laura Silsby, who was attempting to smuggle Haitian children into the Dominican Republic to a charity that did not exist. The question becomes, if no charity existed, where was she taking them to in the Dominican Republic? Perhaps Casa de Campo.

Dominican Republic

The Clintons and their associates are also heavily involved in the Dominican Republic, particularly at the southeastern resort of Casa de Campo. Casa de Campo has welcomed many elites, from alleged pedophile Michael Jackson to former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, as well as many wealthy criminals who are avoiding a public police force. The Clintons, Terry McAuliffe, and Bob Menendez all would visit as well, using the home of Southern Florida eye surgeon, Salomon Melgen. Bob Menendez would end up in serious legal trouble because of his ties to Melgen. First, accusations came out that Melgen often had sex parties with women at his house, and Menendez allegedly engaged in illicit activities with one who was underage. It is unclear whether those prostitutes were locals or part of the ring.

Second, Bob Menendez would use his political clout in Washington to help Melgen in his port security contract for seemingly all of the Dominican Republic. This meant Salomon Melgen's company would control all of the x-raying of shipping containers in the Dominican Republic. To reiterate an earlier point, both Melgen and Terry McAuliffe were seemingly in the business of controlling key ports, the former's in the Dominican Republic, the latter's on the Chinese/North Korean border.

That link between China and the Dominican Republic would come up somewhere else as well. UN official, John Ashe would be accused of receiving bribes, initially from Chinese businessman and alleged sex trafficker, Ng Lap Seng and funneled through Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations from the Dominican Republic, Francis Lorenzo. It is unclear what John Ashe may have known about this ring - apparently he "accidentally" dropped a barbell on his own neck and suffocated the day before he was to testify regarding this bribery scandal.

From the Dominican Republic, many of these trafficking victims would likely come to the US.

To Southern Florida

Some of the people involved with this ring are Palm Beach residents, such as Salomon Melgen and Bob Menendez, but another Palm Beach resident tied to the Clintons would draw even more attention on the subject of sex trafficking, particularly of minors - Jeffrey Epstein. Menendez and Epstein do share a person in common, Gwendolyn Beck, who Menendez would take to a White House State Dinner and who was also listed in Epstein's Little Black Book under masseuse (Epstein's term for sex workers, according to victim Virginia Roberts).

If this ring were true, one should see an influx of Asians and Eastern European women in South Florida engaging in prostitution. There is a relatively recent article that shows just that, with several of the sex slave victims being minors (though in decreasing in number due to police crackdowns). The article, from April 2014, was entitled, Eastern Europeans, Chinese rule underground commercial sex economy in South Florida.[10]

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China/North Korea/South Korea


Hispaniola: Haiti and the Dominican Republic

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