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Clinton Foundation in partnership with Frank Guistra run a project Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership - with aims to address existing market gaps in developing country supply or distribution chains. Specific YOUTH outreach project listed on CF site under Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership in Cartagena, Colombia In Cartagena, youth from the poorest neighborhoods are provided training for jobs in productive sectors including tourism, port logistics and health care. thats the official site listed on the CF... first post visible... "200 young people from communities near Cartagena received certification as port operators"

But wait what about Obama's Secret Service guys who were busted have sex with underage girls in Cartagena, Colombia. Coincidence? /

Update: Another piece just in: Trump’s administration will encourage foreign governments to investigate the Clinton Foundation’s finances “Haiti and Colombia will be key diplomatic posts for this ­because of all the money ­involved,”

Update 2: Looks like the DEA were having sex parties in Columbia back in the day too, which was discovered after investigating the Secret Service for the above - ty @ALDO_NOVA cheers @JrSlimss & @Forgetmenot for contributions


Placeholder Part 2

In my last Colombia related post it was shown how HRC, Guistra, Clinton Foundation, Obama, the Secret Service & the DEA were all linked to one city in Colombia - Cartagena. HRC, Guistra, Clinton Foundation through youth outreach initiatives Acceso training center, the SS & DEA through sex crimes some involving minors. -

While perhaps not directly pizza related there's so much more going on in Colombia that needs focus, any one of these things could bring the house of cards down.

Bill Clinton, HRC, the CF, Guistra & Carlos Slim all are/were involved in a development project in Colombia the Fundo Acceso

This is a FOR PROFIT entity that was propped up with 20 million USD in financing via not for profit channels of the CF and the Clinton Guistra Enterprise foundation with contributions from Carlos Slim. Interesting to note that reporters whom tried to contact the Fundo Acceso via their listed number were being directed to CF staff. It appears not only was the Fundo Acceso sharing an office and landline number with the CF's office in Bogotá it was being staffed by clinton foundation employees.

The website for the Fundo Acceso mysteriously vanished late last year and is now replaced with a Chinese cosmetics site ( I think ) found here , a historic view of the website can be seen here, detailing the registered address and landline number -*/ .

Luckily we are not the first to ask questions about the role the CF played, the American Media Institute, a nonprofit news service based in Alexandria, Virginia, partnered with Fusion to send people to Colombia to investigate the Clinton Foundation’s impact & claims.

To say this is a damning report is a wild understatement, they went out and met some of the people who were portrayed as the real winners in the impact of the CF's project. Some small extracts of the report are below

'The jilted fish-seller'

Sandra said she received no money from the Clinton Foundation and, in fact, took out a large bank loan at its urging. Paying this loan proved to be a tremendous burden, she said. Even worse, within months the head of the Acceso project told her that she should no longer deal directly with buyers. Instead, she would sell her fish directly to Acceso — at sharply reduced prices — and Acceso would resell them. In other words, the Clinton Foundation would act as a middleman and profit from margins supplied by the people it was supposed to be helping. Sandra and eight other Acceso participants immediately dropped out, she said, worried that “if we had stayed with them, we would have gone out of business.” ‘concentration camp for workers’

...desk was stacked high with papers related to Pacific Rubiales’s labor practices, the result of years of investigative work by his staff. He did not see the Clinton Foundation and its partnership with Giustra’s Pacific Rubiales as either progressive or positive. “The territory where Pacific Rubiales operated,” he said, thumbing through pages of alleged human-rights violations, “was a type of concentration camp for workers.” Robledo said he had no doubt that Bill Clinton had successfully overcome legal and regulatory obstacles for Giustra’s benefit, especially given Clinton’s strong relationship with Colombian President Uribe and his stature as a former U.S. President: “Bringing Bill Clinton to Colombia was like bringing God,” he said.


  • 5May2015 [1] - US soldiers raped girls in Colombia and recorded it to sell videos

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