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"We look forward to playing with you at Comet!": their current slogan

Comet Ping Pong is a pizzeria located at 5037 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington D.C. 20008 that bills itself as a family friendly hipster pizza joint with ping pong tables and live performances by rock bands. It was opened in 2006 by its owner James Alefantis who serves as executive chef and is his second business after Buck's Fishing & Camping.


Nearby Buck's Fishing & Camping's Greenwood and Alefantis took over the location when the previous owners closed doors of their restaurant Thai Room in 2005 on Connecticut Avenue. [1]

They settled with Comet Ping Pong after having found the neon sign and deciding to have ping pong tables indoors for guests.[2]

They serve mainly pizza.

In 2008 an ANC meeting was held to debate expansion of the restaurant to extend opening hours, have outdoor seating, and be allowed to host events such as bands, parties, or meetings. The committee voted in favor despite intense opposition, and arguments of negligence on the owners part of already having implemented the changes without approval.

The location is both revered and despised for its frequent visits by politicians and celebrities, and current allegations of occult rituals and child abuse.

Food Network (2010)

Comet Ping Pong featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives in the episode "Farm to Table" (Season 9, Episode 9) hosted by Guy Fieri that aired on the Food Network on June 28, 2010. (Video). Guy Fieri describe the food as "some of the best pizza I've ever had in my life".


Wikileaks has published hacked emails of prominent people riddled with apparent pedophile codes and references to the restaurant.

Events and performances

Cory Woolman was Event Manager of Comet Ping Pong from October 2011 to December 2014 [3] [4]

Sasha Lord is the music performance booker at Comet Ping Pong, she is close friends with the musicians of satanic Heavy Breathing, the restaurant's main band. Also often found present is cultist Marina Abramovic.

There have been fundraisers for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on several occasions, and John Podesta held his birthday party there several times.

There are numerous private meetings, parties and events closed to the public.

Basement controversy

It is rumored pedophile friendly meetings, possible illegal related activities taking place in the basement. There is also suspicion of an underground connection of tunnels between the other local businesses and even the Dupont tunnels.

James has denied having a basement[5][6], while on a separate occasion talked about his basement.[7] Also, their neighbors have basement.

NEITHER of the businesses that James Alefantis owns has ever filed a construction permit. Any work they did to renovate or improve these businesses was done without public record. If the instagram photo is of either establishment, that work was done covertly and illegally.

It's yet another interesting coincidence that on street view [8] you can see the building right next door is signed "mccullough construction" [9] that list multiple reinforced underground structures on their website..

Allegation of child porn on Comet Ping Pong's website

On November 9, 2016, Comet Ping Pong's website attracted online attention when an unusual page with a listing of archived files with randomized names was discovered at The page was suspected to allow certain visitors to upload and download files requiring a special "DL Key". (need to find info regarding bitcoin). News of the page was shared on various websites including Reddit. Comet Ping Pong's website then added a password login to hide access but hackers were able to easily guess it ("g00dPa$$w0rD").

A YouTuber going by the pseudonym "Titus Frost" uploaded a YouTube video on February 12, 2017 announcing that a hacker (whose identity he claims to know in case anything happens to him) was able to download the files, claiming it contained child pornography (not verified). The hacker forwarded information to a Marcus Stevens ( at the Metropolitan Police Department (only email headers shown dated December 5 to 7, 2016, details of the actual messages were never shared). According to "Titus", Stevens reported back that the information could not be used as evidence because it was obtained by unlawful means (i.e. hacked).

According to "Titus", the hacker was being harassed and on December 16, 2016 at 22:12, the hacker's truck which was parked in front of his house on a cul-de-sac (on a street with wealthy people) was struck by a speeding driver who did not live in the area. A day later a man in camouflage was sneaking near his property and apprehended on suspicion of looking to steal a car which was strange as he had driven in a car to the street. There was also a Hispanic/Latino man seemingly stalking and spying on the hacker, even following him to a gas station. When confronted and asked why he was following the hacker, the man pretended not to speak English and replied in Spanish before driving off.


See: Edgar Maddison Welch.
Bullet hole in Comet Ping Pong computer.
FBI seize computers from Dojo Pizza containing child pornography (eight months before Comet Ping Pong shooting incident).

On December 4, 2016, actor Edgar Maddison Welch walked into the restaurant, reportedly armed, with reports of shooting and was subsequently taken into custody. No injuries were reported.

Besides his background, there were additional signs this was a false flag operation to possibly elevate the Pizzagate situation to a threat so that government agencies can take action against the public investigation. A CCTV/traffic camera with the view on Comet Ping Pong reportedly was removed a day before the incident [10][11] as well as a lock-down of a two block radius, and additional camera movement.[12]

Three days after the incident on December 7 The New York Times interviewed Mr. Welch and asked about his motives and history. Welch stated that “The intel on this wasn’t 100 percent", and according to The New York Times conceded "only that there were no children “inside that dwelling.”" No clear motive was ever given as to why it was done other than to find imprisoned children, and he doesn't give the "sources" which led him to fire a weapon inside the restaurant, harming nobody. He also doesn't make specific mention of Pizzagate, but that is repeated over and over again by The New York Times,which lends some suspicious as to why he was motivated to go there at all. It's also fairly unprecedented that a newspaper would be granted a video interview with such a high-profile shooter on such short notice, but there is a consistent connection between The New York Times and anti-Pizzagate propaganda.

The bullet he fired allegedly went into their computer.[13] That this would be announced was predicted.[14]

On December 15, 2016, Fox News aired an exclusive interview between Megyn Kelly and James Alefantis on the show Kelly File [15] (YouTube). They aired a clip of Alefantis opening a door to a closet room containing a computer with a bullet hole, saying "The bullet hole went into our computer system".

Comparison to Dojo Pizza

See: Dojo Pizza.

This contrasted to Loren Copp, the owner of Dojo Pizza (a pizzeria that offered karate lessons to attract children) who was arrested eight months earlier on April 7, 2016 [16] on child pornography charges. In that arrest, federal agents seized computers and hard drives containing images of child pornography. Copp was also investigated for human trafficking when seven girls under the age of 17 were found living in the pizzeria.

Controversy of the name ‘Comet Ping Pong’

‘’’Comet’’’ (meanings besides the obvious; a rock in space)

  • “(Colloquial) An occasional lover who passes through one’s life semi-regularly, but without an expectation of continuity or a romantic relationship” [17]

‘’’Ping Pong’’’ (as a phrase, besides the obvious; of a small version of tennis played on a table )

  • “A sexual act involving three people. One person is on all fours while they are fucked in the mouth as well as the ass or vagina. Usually takes place with two men as the paddles and one woman as the ball. The paddles knock the ball back and forth. The men knock the woman back and forth. Any combination of males and females can be utilized during this act based on the sexual interests of those partaking. However if a man is the 'ball' the option of a paddle fucking the vagina is emlininated. In this case only the mouth and anus may be used...unless you're into some crazy shit.” [18]


  • 2005 - previously Thai (food?) restaurant became Comet Ping Pong
  • June 2008 - an ANC (?) meeting was held to debate expansion of the restaurant to extend opening hours, have outdoor seating, and be allowed to host events such as bands, parties, or meetings. The committee voted in favor despite intense opposition, and arguments of negligence on the owners part of already having implemented the changes without approval. (see: Frank Winstead)
  • 2012 - Obama held phone banks at CPP [19]
  • Nov/Dec2016 - hacker found alledged cp within Comet Ping Pong's website involving Bitcoin, 9 other servers, encrypted files, etc - reported to the D.C. police and D.C. police acknowledged receipt of the tips/info [20]
Q: what is JA's Bitcoin address used on the CPP website?
note: erasure of the encrypted data/webstore
  • November 9, 2016 - Download section of Comet Ping Pong's website was successfully accessed and reported on Reddit [21], original password was changed to "g00dPa$$w0rD" that same day.
  • December 4, 2016 - Shooting inside Comet Ping Pong by actor Edgar Maddison Welch, no injuries.
  • December 5, 2016 - A hacker submits info to Metropolitan Police Department claiming to have found child porn on the websites of Comet Ping Pong and Buck's Fishing & Camping. This is not verified by anyone else except "Titus Frost".
  • December 15, 2016 - Fox News airs an exclusive interview with James Alefantis by Megyn Kelly where it's revealed a computer stored in a closet room contained one single bullet entry from the top into the computer.
  • December 16, 2016 - Hacker's truck parked on a cul-de-sac is totaled in front of his house at 22:12 by a hit-and-run driver who is stopped by police and noted to not live in the area. (Hacker had been harassed prior to and after this incident.)
  • December 2016 - [22] (more sources?) The traffic camera outside Comet Ping Pong was just repositioned today. It was also repositioned the day before the alleged false flag attack...
  • July 27, 2017 - [23] - mentioned in an article entitled 'Best Places to Take Kids on Trips to Washington DC' by HuffPo

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