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Comet Ping Pong does not have a "La Boum Boum Room"

The "La Boum Boum Room" actually refers to a D.C. nightlife production put on by the restaurant L'Enfant Cafe [1]. Mind you, it's still a restaurant called L'Enfant cafe with a "La Boum Boum Room" for a "sexier side" of D.C., so still a bit creepy, but it's also not actually part of Comet Ping Pong itself.

The #Killroom is likely not part of Comet Ping Pong

The famous #Killroom I believe might belong to Jimmycomet's associate Jeff Smith (@werkinonmahnightcheese), who also is famous for building the small coffins and the creepy reinforced van. The hashtag #killroom is used by @werkinonmahnightcheese many times on his Instagram, more than Jimmycomet's one reference. I think @werkinonmahnightcheese is an interesting lead himself, but has his own warehouse where he works on projects.

This Podesta family picture isn't Madeleine McCann

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It's someone else, and seems to have been deliberately spread as a rumor that was knowingly untrue, on a blog with a low resolution rendition[2].

Osama bin Laden was not buried at sea

See Stratfor email titled Re: OBL's corpse depopulation report is not the same as owned by Edwin Deagle

According to their own website,, they provide news on international military aviation and advanced technologies. There website has articles dating back to 2003, but little is known about the real owners. Many online researchers have confused this site with "" which is owned by Edwin Deagle.[3]

Despite repeated attempts to debunk the website, it is cited as reference in a Stratfor report on foreign aircraft and designs.[4] Deagel provides information which is subsequently used by global intelligence communities.

See Deagel and Stratfor for more information

No evidence supports that Kim Noble or Eva Bednářová did art for Comet Ping Pong

False and dead-end leads

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