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Many have questioned whether President Donald Trump would be trustworthy in a fight to stop pedophilia among Washington's elites, at home and abroad. Part 1 of this article reviews Trump's ties to known sex offender and international child sex trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein. Part 2 will judge Trump by his actions and the actions of those he surrounds himself with. Based on the preponderance of all current evidence, Trump does appear to be a trustworthy ally to this investigation and the larger movement.

Part 1: Reviewing Trump's ties to sex offender Jeffrey Epstein

There is no evidence that Donald Trump engaged in convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's illicit activities. In fact, there is much evidence that Trump did not. The following reviews claims from biased articles that claim Trump engaged in Epstein's illicit activities.

Katie Johnson, Trump Rape Accuser

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail in November 2016, rape accuser Katie Johnson admitted she fabricated all of her accusations against Trump.[1] Not surprisingly, the AM Litigation Daily described the Katie Johnson case as 2016's "Biggest Dud of a Lawsuit."[2]

This outcome was not unexpected as media outlets across the political spectrum, including Jezebel and the Huffington Post, repeatedly called Johnson's civil case nothing more than part of a "smear campaign" towards then-presidential candidate Trump.

Revelist also came to a similar conclusion:[3]

In fact, I don't know if the Katie Johnson I spoke to is the same girl who Trump allegedly raped in 1994, or if that girl even exists. I have never seen Johnson — in person, or via FaceTime, as I was originally promised — and I have not spoken to her only eyewitness, Tiffany Doe. To my knowledge, no journalist has.

The Issue of Timing and Political Motives

During Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, her husband's ties to Bill Clinton was a consistent political pain point. Many in the press had said Trump may attempt to take advantage of that weakness, including the team on the "Morning Joe."[4] There was strong evidence for this belief, as Trump had spoken publicly about Bill's ties to Epstein at CPAC on October 27th, 2015.[5] Given this, it is possible that some felt, to prevent Trump from speaking further on Clinton and Epstein, a smear was necessary which would implicate Epstein with Trump himself. Thus, on the morning of April 26, 2016, when Donald Trump had, by CNN's estimate, a 75%[6] chance of winning the Republican nomination, the first version of the Katie Johnson lawsuit was filed in a California court[7] with the assistance of a consistent - if not pathological - liar, Norm Lubow (under alias "Al Taylor")[8] and "Never Trump"-er, Steve Baer.[9]

The New York Magazine Quote: "...and many of them are on the younger side."

In 2002, New York Magazine ("NY Mag") ran a Profile on Jeffrey Epstein entitled "Jeffrey Epstein: International Moneyman of Mystery." In the piece, NY Mag called Trump for a quote on Jeffrey Epstein. According to NY Mag, Trump's quote (placed in context) was as follows:

Epstein likes to tell people that he's a loner, a man who's never touched alcohol or drugs, and one whose nightlife is far from energetic. And yet if you talk to Donald Trump, a different Epstein emerges. "I've known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy," Trump booms from a speakerphone. "He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it -- Jeffrey enjoys his social life." [Emphasis Added]

This quote has been interpreted several different ways. Trump advocates say it was Trump dropping a hint to the world at large that Epstein was a pedophile. Trump opponents say it was an intimation that Trump knew, supported and may have been involved in Epstein's illicit activities.[10]

The reality may be much simpler: everyone that knew Jeffrey Epstein socially knew that he was into young women. He brought them to social gatherings - presumably his female "acquaintances" that were at least 18 years old - but that remains unclear. Mike Fisten, a retired Miami-Dade detective who conducted research for several of Epstein's victims, explains:[11]

"Jeffery had sex parties, for sure, with two or three girls … but never with other guys."

There were men in attendance at Epstein’s more large, lavish affairs, Fisten said, but nothing illicit ever happened at such events.

"He loved having these young girls around him," Fisten acknowledged. "…But at these parties, with everyone around, nothing ever happened."

There is evidence corroborating Fisten's statements. In 2004, (note that this is after the NY Mag article but before Epstein would be arrested) a blog called "New York Social Diary" included photos of two of the Epstein girls, Nadia Marcinkova and Sarah Kellen, at social gatherings which Epstein also attended.[12].

In 2003 (again - published before Epstein's arrest), Vanity Fair would run an article entitled The Talented Mr. Epstein. It mentions many times Epstein's love for young women. "There are many women in his life, mostly young, but there is no one of them to whom he has been able to commit." There was also an anecdote Vanity Fair included on the subject:

Epstein is known about town as a man who loves women—lots of them, mostly young. Model types have been heard saying they are full of gratitude to Epstein for flying them around, and he is a familiar face to many of the Victoria’s Secret girls. One young woman recalls being summoned by Ghislaine Maxwell to a concert at Epstein’s town house, where the women seemed to outnumber the men by far. "These were not women you’d see at Upper East Side dinners," the woman recalls. "Many seemed foreign and dressed a little bizarrely." This same guest also attended a cocktail party thrown by Maxwell that Prince Andrew attended, which was filled, she says, with young Russian models. “Some of the guests were horrified,” the woman says.

In sum, Epstein's love for at least "barely legal" young women, was well known to the public predating his arrest.

Trump's Phone Number was in Epstein's Little Black Book

Many celebrities were in Epstein's Little Black Book with Trump being no exception. For example, other phone numbers included Ed Kennedy, John Kerry and Tony Blair.[13] Trump has never denied being a personal acquaintance of Epstein either - what is under debate is the level of the relationship.

It should be noted here that Epstein's house butler, Alfredo Rodriguez, identified Trump as one of about thirty people who may have information relating to Epstein's illicit activities. This would be a logical assumption on Rodriguez's part because - predating Epstein's arrest - Trump had banned Epstein from Trump's Mar-A-Lago resort for trying to get an "erotic massage" from an underage staff member or guest (discussed further below).

Mark Epstein claimed Trump flew on the "Lolita Express"

According to VICE, Mark Epstein, Jeffrey's brother, testified that Trump flew once on the "Lolita Express." The Lolita Express is Epstein's plane where he often engaged in illicit activities with underage women.[14] However, there never have been any flight logs that supported Mark Epstein's statement.[15] Those flight logs have supported that former president, Bill Clinton, flew on the Lolita Express numerous times, however.[16]

Epstein Plead the Fifth Regarding Whether Trump Attended Epstein's Parties with Underage Women

VICE quoted the following from Epstein's testimony:[17]

''Q. Have you ever socialized with Donald Trump in the presence of females under the age of 18?''

''A: Though I'd like to answer that question, at least today I'm going to have to assert my Fifth, Sixth, and 14th Amendment rights, sir.''

Some believe this implicates Trump in Epstein's activities.[18] Per the usual, the reality is much simpler. The word "socialized" is ill-defined, and could include, for example, virtually any public gathering in which children were allowed to attend, but perhaps most importantly the Mar-A-Lago Resort. However, some readers may mistakenly find the question and answer self-implicating for Epstein if he answered in the affirmative.

If Epstein did answer "Yes," and Trump was questioned on it, it only would have hurt Epstein as Trump has discussed his one unusual experience at Epstein's house. In Roger Stone's book, The Clintons' War on Women, Stone has a quote where Trump admits going to an Epstein party with young women in attendance:[19]

Trump turned down numerous invitations to Epstein's hedonistic private island and his Palm Beach home. "The one time I visited [Epstein's] Palm Beach home, the swimming pool was full of beautiful young girls," Trump told a member of his Club Mar[-a-]Lago. "'How nice,' I thought, 'he let the neighborhood kids use his pool.'"

Correspondingly, victim Virginia Roberts stated she only met Donald Trump once, at Epstein's Palm Beach home, and that he acted like a "complete gentleman" and she never saw him act inappropriately.[20]

Epstein Recruited a Victim from Trump's Mar-A-Lago

According to victim Virginia Roberts, Epstein's madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, recruited her from the Mar-A-Lago resort which Trump owns. There is no evidence, however, Trump knew that interaction had taken place. Furthermore, Trump is known to have implemented a lifetime ban against Epstein from the resort after Epstein was caught hitting on another young employee. According to the NY Post:[21]

Meanwhile, the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach last night confirmed a Web site report that Epstein has been banned there. “He would use the spa to try to procure girls. But one of them, a masseuse about 18 years old, he tried to get her to do things,” a source told us. “Her father found out about it and went absolutely ape-[bleep].

VICE said they received a slightly different account of the same story, but which again ended in Trump banning Epstein from Mar-A-Lago. "One of the Jane Doe attorneys told VICE News a slightly different account, saying that he had been told Trump broke ties with Epstein after Epstein tried to pick up the underage daughter of a Mar-A-Lago club member."[22]

Trump was Subpoenaed in Reference to an Epstein Civil Suit

According to VICE, in 2009, Trump was subpoenaed in a case against Epstein concerning victim Virginia Roberts. From VICE:[23]

Trump's attorney Alan Garten said that the subpoena "never happened." "There is no debate over what happened," Brad Edwards [Virginia Robert's Attorney] told VICE news. "I served Mr. Trump with a subpoena for deposition in 2009. He talked to me voluntarily, and consequently we withdrew the subpoena in light of his voluntarily providing information…. I can't imagine there being any dispute of any of this."

Many articles attempting to tie Trump to Epstein's illicit activities often leave out the line that follows in that same VICE interview.[24] The line that follows is "[Brad] Edwards also said that it is 'obvious' Trump himself was not involved in any of Epstein's illicit activity."[25]

It should also be noted that Trump was the only person who did not avoid his subpoena:[26]

In fact, several of the Jane Doe lawyers, who spoke off the record because the case is ongoing, said that every key person investigators wanted to interview — especially those with potential knowledge of what took place on St. James Island — eluded subpoenas on technical grounds. There was one exception: Donald Trump. Edwards, the lawyer for Roberts and about 10 other Jane Does, said that after he served Trump with the subpoena in 2009, Trump immediately contacted him.

Trump will be called as a witness in a Jeffrey Epstein lawsuit reported that Trump is listed as a defense witness in a Jeffrey Epstein lawsuit, which is correct. The lawsuit involves Jeffrey Epstein suing Virginia Roberts Giuffre's attorney, Brad Edwards, for defamation and malicious prosecution. From the article itself, which was entitled, President Trump on Witness List in Case Involving Pedophile Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein by Rachel Stockman, published on March 14th, 2017:[27]

While there is no evidence that Trump was involved in Epstein’s scheme, Bradley’s attorneys claim that “Trump and Epstein have acknowledged that they were friends, that they have socialized together. We have reason to believe that Trump was a guest in Epstein’s home during the period of time that Epstein was engaged in molestation.”

The reason Trump is being listed as a potential witness is because in the other Jeffrey Epstein lawsuits, when Brad Edwards subpoenaed former friends of Epstein for questioning, Trump was the only one who answered the subpoena. Brad Edwards told VICE news:[28]

"I served Mr. Trump with a subpoena for deposition in 2009. He talked to me voluntarily, and consequently we withdrew the subpoena in light of his voluntarily providing information…. I can't imagine there being any dispute of any of this."

[Brad] Edwards also said that it is "obvious" Trump himself was not involved in any of Epstein's illicit activity.

So Brad Edwards, who is listing Trump as a potential witness via his attorney Jack Scarola, admits he does not believe Trump was involved in any of Epstein's activities. So why is Edwards listing Trump as a potential witness? Since the defense to defamation is truth, Trump is important for Brad Edwards as he is likely one of few witnesses who he has ever had on the record saying that Epstein was interested in underage girls, other than victims themselves. Trump would likely tell the story of the one time he went to Epstein's home and witnessed underage girls in Epstein's pool (mistaking them for neighborhood kids), as well as the time he banned Epstein from his Mar-A-Lago resort.

Part 2: Judging Trump [IN DEVELOPMENT]

Judging Trump By His Own Actions

Openly Discusses Epstein

Unlike everyone else involved with Epstein, Trump openly discusses him. At CPAC in 2015, Trump said that Bill Clinton would have a lot of problems coming up regarding Clinton's relationship to Epstein.[29] It is unlikely Trump would have discussed the matter if Epstein could be a "pain point" for him as well. As mentioned above, Trump also appeared for his subpoena regarding Epstein when everyone else dodged the subpoena.

Judging Trump By the Company He Keeps

Mike Pence

Mike Pence would be one of only thirteen congresspeople, including Dennis Kucinich and Cynthia McKinney, who would call for an investigation into allegations made in a Fox News report that the US Army was assisting sex traffickers in South Korea. That same Office of Inspector General review would be expanded to investigate similar allegations against DynCorp in Bosnia. Here is a PDF copy of that letter: File:2002 Congressional Letter to DOD Regarding Sex Trafficking.pdf

Donald Rumsfeld's appointee would perform the review and find no evidence of trafficking. Rumsfeld continued to support DynCorp in later questioning by Cynthia McKinney, one of the authors of the initial letter. For more, see the wiki page for DynCorp.

As for allegations that Mike Pence supported pedophile, Dennis Hastert, Pence did not defend Hastert in allegations against Hastert himself in 2016, but rather Hastert's investigation into Mark Foley in 2006. Pence did say in 2006, he thought Hastert was a "man of integrity that should not resign"[30] but Pence also said:[31]

"Like many American's and many of my colleagues, I have concerns about how this matter was handled, but speaker Hastert should not resign."

Roger Stone

Roger Stone has done of the deepest research into Jeffrey Epstein and his connections, particularly for his book, The Clintons' War on Women. Stone suspected no wrongdoing on Trump's part when it came to Epstein (which is line with the opinions of the victims' attorneys).

Stephen Bannon

Bannon would take up the mantle for after Andrew Breitbart's untimely death. Andrew Breitbart had referred to John Podesta as a protector of pedophiles before his death. For more information, see the page on this wiki for Andrew Breitbart.

It is likely that Bannon intends to continue the goals of Andrew Breitbart, which may include stopping pedophilia among D.C. elite.


Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen has taken a vocal stance against pedophiles. For example, she attacked other members of the French government for allowing the country to harbor convicted pedophile film director, Roman Polanski.

From The Connexion article, Le Pen: Polanski not above the law, published on September 29th, 2009:[32]

However Front National vice-president Marine Le Pen said she was shocked by how much support Polanski was getting. 

She said the campaign by politicians from all sides of the spectrum to get him freed “makes a mockery of the most basic elements of justice”. 

"Does belonging to the super-protected showbiz class exonerate you from respecting the law and allow you to avoid judicial pursuit for 30 years?” she asked. 

“Is it acceptable to see political figures supporting such behaviour when, at the same time, the authorities are trying to raise awareness of sexual violence against women and children?” 

The Company Trump Does Not Keep

Unlike numerous celebrities, such as Woody Allen or Chelsea Handler, who continued their friendship with the sex offender Jeffrey Epstein (who was convicted of raping underage girls), after Epstein was released from a county jail,[33] Trump never spoke to him again. This is not a surprise given that Trump notably banned Epstein from his Mar-A-Lago resort after Trump began to see Epstein's true nature, as discussed in-depth above.

Trump had also been friends with Epstein's madam, Ghislaine Maxwell. Trump seemingly broke that friendship off as well when Epstein was arrested. The same cannot be said for the Clintons, however, who are still actively engaged in doing charity work with Maxwell and even invited her to Chelsea's wedding, even though Epstein had been convicted. For more information, see the page on this wiki for Ghislaine Maxwell.