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In the 1996, Belgian criminal Marc Dutroux was arrested for kidnapping several young girls, holding them for months and murdering them. Dutroux had previously been released from prison despite raping women and the police “missed” numerous, obvious opportunities to stop him while the girls were still alive. Dutroux and his surviving victims maintained in court that he was just a functionary for a network of criminals that provided children and child porn to businessmen and politicians across Europe. Multiple witnesses were murdered or “committed suicide”, judges resigned from the case citing fear for their lives, evidence was suppressed and the mismanagement of the case led to protests with hundreds of thousands of people in the streets of Brussels. The government still claims Dutroux was not part of any network.

People/organizations/places connected/involved to/in the investigation/case

  • Zandvoort home/apartment ?
  • Gang of Nijvel?
  • Katrien de Cuyper
  • Dutroux - Nihoul Commission
  • the case was handed over to Jean-Marc Connorette...
  • criminal fascist network of CEPIC?
  • possible accomplice - Michel Leviere
  • surveillance of Dutroux - Operation Othello
  • Gerrie Ulrich?
  • Where did Dutroux get the money for 5 houses, to rent garages and storage rooms, and have several bank accounts?
  • Prince Philippe de Riquet? [1]
  • Marc & Corrine foundation, a charity set up in memory of two murdered teenagers
  • Dutroux's wife - Michele Martin
  • Jean-Michel Nihoul
- connections to (?): U.S. General John Singlaub, Sasakawa Foundation, Gladio operation,
  • Charleroi underground?
- (?)Gladio operation
  • Andre Cools - assassinated
  • La Derniere Heure
  • Memling hotel
  • Jean-Luc Duterme - police
- (?) helped to close down the 1979 Montaricourt-Israel investigations, which involved a high level European-wide prostitution network
- reportedly was a frequent visitor to the Les Atrebates sex orgy club and the later Dolo, Nihoul's favorite hang-outs

Victim testimonies: X1-X9

Victims speaking out

X1: Regina Louf






X7: Nathalie C.





Jacques Thoma

Chantal Storme

Nathalie Waeterschoot


Private Organization links

Links with Top European and US Personnel, Ties with Dutroux and CIA

[2] [3]

List of mysterious deaths surrounding the Dutroux Affair

from [4]

Important Acronyms

  • AGM - Anglo-American Corporation
  • BNL - (Italy) Banca Nazionale del Lavoro
  • CFR - Council on Foreign Relations
  • EPC - European Policy Center
  • ERT - European Round Table of Industrialists
  • EMU - European Monetary Union
  • INSEAD - ?
  • L&H - Lernout & Hauspie software/scandal
  • PSC ?
  • SGB - Société Générale de Belgique (Societe Generale)
  • UCB ?
  • UCL - Université Catholique de Louvain

Dutroux X-Dossiers


Dutroux dossier, including the testimonies of the X-witnesses, were leaked to a number of reporters in the late 1990s. Both the final Dutroux dossier, which has largely been sanitized from any important information, and a summary of official reports from August 1996 to May-June 1997

summary (in French): [6]

Accused in the Dutroux X-Dossiers, the Maud Sarr and Pinon/Pink Ballet Affairs



Accused by Count Yann de Meeus d'Argenteuil

(who was Non X-Dossier alleged 'victim' witness (1999/2000))

Books on Pizzagate/Pedogate

  • (book) 'The X-files: What Belgium Was Not Supposed to Know About the Dutroux Affair'
  • 1999 book: 'De X-dossiers' written by respected investigative journalists Marie-Jeanne Van Heeswyck, Annemie Bulté and Douglas De Coninck

Relationship to #Pizzagate

(Speculative) Connection to EIM and Arpad Busson

Many websites have claimed Busson's EIM has ties to the Dutroux Affair. The basis for these claims is still being vetted. [8]

(Non-Culpable) Connection to Wikileaks

From the Australian article, WikiLeaks slammed over publishing dossier including Belgian pedophile killer Marc Dutroux, by David Charter, published on August 27th, 2010:[9]

WIKILEAKS is at the centre of a new row after publishing uncensored police files from the investigation into a child killer.

The files include lurid evidence and wild accusations against one of Belgium's leading politicians.

A senior prosecutor vowed to try to block the 1235-page dossier, much of which is drawn from interviews with rent boys and with Marc Dutroux, a pedophile who was jailed for life in 2004 for killing four girls and a former associate.

External Links and Articles

Beyond the Dutroux Affair: The reality of protected child abuse and snuff networks in a world ruled by psychopaths [10] [11]

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Dutroux and the Dead Witnesses: German Public TV documentary on the case [14]

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Institute for the Study of Globalization: Has a good section about Dutroux Dossiers [16]

BBC2 documentary, part of the Correspondent series, Belgium's X-Files, reporter Olenka Frenkiel, first aired on May 5th, 2002. Part 1Part 2Part 3

The Perverted World of Marc Dutroux (2005) [17]

  • 1March2004 [18] - How Dutroux case shocked a nation - Belgium is braced for the trial of alleged child rapist, kidnapper and killer Marc Dutroux, eight years after the crimes he is accused of traumatized the nation. CNN Senior International Correspondent Walter Rodgers explains the background to what is being described as the country's "trial of the century."
  • 5March2004 [19] - Look away now - Belgians have waited nearly eight years to see convicted child rapist Marc Dutroux in the dock. But, now he is finally there, the spectacle is almost too painful to watch, writes Ian Black
  • 29March2004 [20] - Belgian justice on trial with Dutroux - It has taken eight years for Belgium 's most hated man to come to trial.
  • 18Feb2008 [21] - (translated page) Dutroux opponents own children's porn
  • 17June2004 [22] - Trial over but Belgium needs answers - As killer Dutroux prepares for life in jail, relieved survivors and victims' families left to wonder what happened - and why
  • 18Feb2013 [23] - Belgian child killer's mother warns against his early release

Needs Integration


  • 6Nov1956 - Marc Dutroux born

(?) Pinon file of the 1980s

1989 - (?) Dutroux convicted of raping five children

(?) Maud Sarr's tv testimony in February 1990


  • late1995 - letter sent to police from Dutroux's mother about girls being kept/hidden in Dutroux house
  • November 1995 (source?) - Marc Dutroux jailed for three months for car crime
  • 10Aug1995- Jan1996 - Dutroux was under police surveillance from August 10, 1995 to January 1996. The surveillance program was led by Officer Rene Michaux. Dutroux's house was being watched with video cameras, but they apparently failed to register Dutroux bringing in An and Eefje Lambrecks. When Eefje Lambrecks climbed out a bathroom window and screamed for help, the cameras also apparently failed to register that. The cameras did not register An and Eefje Lambrecks being taken out of the house to be murdered. However, the cameras were on only 2% of the time, and were always off before 10 p.m. (and often by 6 p.m.)
  • 6Dec1995 - 20March1996 - Dutroux was in police custody from December 6th, 1995 to March 20th, 1996. Julie Lejeune and Melissa Russo likely starved to death during this time - Michele Martin was aware that they were imprisoned in the basement, she never fed them


  • 1996 (?) Regina Louf mentioned a number of girls that she had witnessed being murdered.
  • 15Aug1996 - two Belgium girls who had been abducted in previous months , were released from a dungeon under a house owned by Marc Dutroux
- (source?) Sabine Dardenne and Laetitia Delhez are rescued from a dungeon in Dutroux's basement.
  • 17Aug1996 - Dutroux led investigators to another of his seven homes, where Julie Lejeune and Melissa Russo's bodies were found buried in the garden. An autopsy confirmed that they had died of starvation. There was a third body buried there--Bernard Weinstein, an alleged accomplice. Dutroux stated he had killed him as retaliation for not feeding Julie Lejeune and Melissa Russo during Dutroux's imprisonment.
  • Oct1996 - 'White March' - massive protest march of 300,000 people on the capital, Brussels


  • 1997 (?) The investigation into the death of Veronique Dubrulle was shut down in early 1997. (see: Regina Louf)
  • 1997 (?) Regina Louf related that Katrien de Cuyper had been taken to a castle and was murdered by a group of individuals that included Nihoul


  • 1998 (?) Marcel Vervloesem and his Morkhoven Workgroup (anti-child pornography group) obtained thousands of pictures from an internet-based, sadistic, child pornography network, run from an apartment in Zandvoort near Amsterdam
  • April1998 - Dutroux briefly escaped prison



  • Blue Belgium movie [27]

2004 -

  • Marc Dutroux was convicted in 2004 of kidnapping, torturing and sexually assaulting several young girls from the ages of eight to nineteen.

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