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At CSRA's DynPort Vaccine Company (DVC), we help the government protect soldiers and civilians against emerging diseases and possible bioterror threats. We also manage product development programs for U.S. and international government agencies and provide consulting services to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Source: DynPort page on CSRA website(Wiki backup)

More on CSRA

CSRA Inc. was formed through the combination of CSC's North American Public Sector business and SRA International.

Source: CSRA website(Wiki backup)

CSRA is focused on helping our U.S. government customers achieve their critical mission outcomes by leading them on the next stage of their digital journey. 

Source: CSRA website(Wiki backup)

#Pizzagate findings

Relationship to DynCorp

According to the most recent version of DVC's website as of January 29, 2017, the name DynPort itself comes from the union between DynCorp and Porton International, Inc.[1](Wiki backup)

Connection to sale of anthrax to Saudi Arabia without developing vaccine

Fuad El-Hibri, owner of DynPort sister-company Porton Down was found selling anthrax to Saudi Arabia in 2002[2] despite DynPort not having yet made an effective vaccine.[3]

Unethical medical activities by close partner, Baxter International

    1975 Hemofil - Hepatitis B outbreak
    1983 Prison Plasma Collection
    1996 Japanese Haemophiliac HIV Lawsuit
    2001 Althane disaster
    2008 Chinese heparin adulteration
    2009 Avian flu contamination
    2009 drug cost inflation
    2010 Hepatitis C infections
    2010 infusion pump recall
    2008–2010 tax dodging

Source: Wikipedia on Baxter International(archived version)

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