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Edgar Maddison Welch
Edgar Maddison Welch


Edgar Maddison Welch is an actor.[1](archived version)

Welch lived in Haiti for an undisclosed time.[2](archived version)

Welch was involved in an accident hitting a 13 year old with his car.[3](archived version)

Harry Welch Jr.

Edgar Welch's father, Harry Welch Jr., was elected President of the North Carolina Crime Stoppers Association for two terms. Harry Welch Jr. also served as Executive Director for Protect-A-Child, a national, non-profit organization to prevent abuse and abduction of children. Welch was appointed by Governor Jim Martin to the Governor's Commission on Child Victimization. They have also served as a foster family to three different children. President Ronald Reagan selected Harry to join 15 other broadcasters to visit US Military Instillation in Colorado. They received national clearance from the US Defense Department to visit the Cheyenne Mountain Nuclear Bunker the alternate command center for NORAD. Harry worked on federal , state and local task forces fighting the war on drugs. He served five years with the Rowan County ABC police. Duties included: stakeouts, watching illegal stills, patrolling the county for suspected bootleggers transporting non-tax paid whiskey, working undercover to purchase illegal liquor and participating in raids on stills and gambling houses. Their agency also worked with the U.S. Treasury Department's local office of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms which increased their coverage area to eight counties. Harry is a special deputy with the Iredell County Sheriff's Department. He also produced a number of films.[4](archived version)

Comet Ping Pong incident

On December 4, Edgar sought entrance to Comet Ping Pong to investigate Pizzagate. He was arrested 45 minutes later, after reportedly discharging a firearm, after which action additional guns were recovered by the police.[5](archived version)

Besides his background, there were additional signs this was a false flag operation to possibly elevate the Pizzagate situation to a threat so that the agencies can take action against the public investigation. A CCTV/traffic camera with the view on Comet Ping Pong reportedly was removed a day before the incident [6][7] as well as a lock-down of a two block radius, and additional camera movement.[8]

A witness who was inside Comet Ping Pong at the time, Sharif Silmi, posted to Twitter that Edgar was arrested trying to hide a shotgun somewhere in Comet [9]. Sharif himself mentions that he saw and heard no shots fired [10]. This is a brazen contradiction to much of the mainstream media's alleged facts.

Three days after the incident on December 7 The New York Times interviewed Mr. Welch and asked about his motives and history. Welch stated that “The intel on this wasn’t 100 percent", and according to The New York Times conceded "only that there were no children “inside that dwelling.”" No clear motive was ever given as to why it was done other than to find imprisoned children, and he doesn't give the "sources" which led him to fire a weapon inside the restaurant, harming nobody. It's also fairly unprecedented that a newspaper would be granted a video interview with such a high-profile shooter on such short notice, but there is a consistent connection between The New York Times and anti-Pizzagate propaganda.

Bullet hole in Comet Ping Pong computer
Bullet hole in Comet Ping Pong computer

The bullet he fired went through a coat closet door lock and then into their computer.[11] That this would be announced was predicted.[12]

According to a sourced article on Heavy.com Edgar is said to have fired a single shot after employees and diners had fled, not multiple as is claimed, and that he had shot it into the floor. This seems to contradict Sharif Silmi's testimony at the time. There is also repeated claims that he used an assault rifle, and still other testimony closer the time of the event say it was a shotgun. Heavy's article now claims he brought two weapons into Comet. Overall there seem to be quite a number of elements to this story on which the mainstream media can't seem to agree.

Official police report

According to the official police report Welch was in possession of a Colt AR-15, Colt .38 handgun, and an "unknown" make of shotgun.[13] Welch fired three shots into the restaurant, upon which an employee fled from the freezer to the exit.[14] Welch pointed his weapon at the employee, but the nothing was harmed aside from a door, a lock, and the computer tower which can be seen mentioned above.[15]

The original police report: [16]

Plea deal negotiations

On February 10, 2017 Edgar Maddison Welch is to submit a plea before the court. Prosecutors have made a plea deal, but it will be unknown until that time whether he accepts it or not.[17](archive.is)

On February 10, 2016 Edgar Welch pled not guilty to all of his charges.[18]

'Pizzagate' gunman sentenced to four years

22 June 2017 [19]

"...armed with a rifle and pistol...drove from North Carolina ... prosecutors described as an "armed invasion" ... James Achilles Alefantis, who owns the restaurant, testified in court ... Welch, who has two young daughters... US District Judge Ketanji Jackson... US attorneys Demian Ahn and Sonali Patel... "

Relationship to #Pizzagate

Connection to Judge Anita Josey-Herring and James Achilles Alefantis

Josey-Herring was the presiding judge in the case of the Comet Ping Pong shooter, US vs. Edgar Welch. The case was transferred to Judge Sherry M. Trafford for reasons that are not immediately clear.

PDF Link: File:12-7-16-Govt-Opp-to-Continuance-Welch.pdf

Anita Josey-Herring was also the judge in James Achilles Alefantis and David Brock's 2011 case where they accused William Grey of blackmail.

PDF Link: File:Grey v Brock and Alefantis Answer and Counterclaims.pdf

On odds alone, that would be at least 1 in 55 of having Josey-Herring designated as a judge, as there are currently 55 other associate-level judges in the DC Superior Court (give or take some additional judges who probably left or joined the pool between 2011 and the end of 2016, as well some fewer judges as some appear specialized in certain areas like tax law).[20]

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