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Eli L. Broad (born June 6, 1933) is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the only person to build two Fortune 500 companies in different industries (KB Home and SunAmerica). As of October 2015, Forbes ranked Broad the 65th wealthiest person in the world, with an estimated net worth of $7.4 billion.

Relationship to #Pizzagate

Connection to alleged statutory rapist, Ronald Burkle

From the New York Times article, Odd Couple Ponder Bid for Tribune, By Geraldine Fabrikant and Laura M. Holsonjan, published on January 16th, 2007:[1]

They seem an unlikely pair: Eli Broad, the straight-talking billionaire whose art collection and philanthropic efforts to revitalize downtown Los Angeles have put him happily in the public eye, and Ronald W. Burkle, the supermarket mogul, Democratic fund-raiser and F.O.B. (friend of Bill Clinton) who tries — usually unsuccessfully — to avoid publicity.

By tomorrow, the two men will decide whether their unlikely partnership should go forward in serious pursuit of the Tribune Company, owner of two dozen TV stations, the Chicago Cubs and 11 daily newspapers, including The Chicago Tribune, Newsday and — most important to Mr. Broad and Mr. Burkle — The Los Angeles Times..


Exactly what the agendas of Mr. Broad and Mr. Burkle might be — and where their elbows might fly — is difficult to measure. Neither would comment. Both have expressed interest in owning The Times as a civic duty. But some people who know both men wonder whether they will be able to work together. Mr. Broad and Mr. Burkle have very little in common, they say. “They are both interesting men, but they are from different worlds,” said Richard Riordan, the former Los Angeles mayor. He has traveled with both men on a yacht leased by Mr. Broad in Italy and Greece.

Neither man is part of the traditional Hollywood studio crowd. When asked about the two, several studio executives said they did not know them or did not know them well.

In those circles, Mr. Burkle, 54, is best known for his friendship with Stephen Bing, the film producer who fathered a child with both the actress Elizabeth Hurley and Kirk Kerkorian’s former wife, Lisa. Mr. Burkle is also a political ally of Mr. Clinton and has allowed him to use his jet.

Additional Source:[3]

In the end, however, real estate entrepreneur Sam Zell would succeed in buying the Tribune Co.[4]

(Possible) Connection to Jeffrey Epstein

From Wall Street Journal article, Google Says Use of Its Name As a Verb Is 'Inappropriate', compiled by Ann Grimes, published on February 27, 2003:[5]

"I did a lot of tech in the army," Gen. Clark says.

Los Angeles billionaire Eli Broad, who has sought Gen. Clark's views on education, says he is impressed, as is New York money manager Jeffrey Epstein.

Connection to artist, Jeff Koons

Big buyer of Koons art.

Connection to Peter Soros

[6] [7]

Connection to the Swiss Leaks and the Clinton Foundation


Connection to the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children


Connection to Tony Podesta

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Art Collectors

Purchase the Press

Eli Broad, with Ronald Burkle, tried to purchase the Tribune Co., which owns the LA Times, but failed.[11]

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The New Yorker, The Art of the Billionaire: How Eli Broad took over Los Angeles, by Connie Bruck, published on December 6th, 2010:[12]

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