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from the Radcliffe Foundation gallery[1]
Elpida, Greek for "hope" was founded by Ahmed Kahn and Frank Giustra, owner of the Radcliffe Foundation, as a joint project that aims to give shelter to refugees and orphan refugees in Greece, with room for 800 people, in cooperation with the Greek Ministry of Migration in the humanitarian crisis.[2]

Mr. Giustra and former U.S. President Bill Clinton launched the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership a division of the Clinton Foundation. Mr. Giustra is a founding patron of the Boys Club Network, an at-risk youth mentoring support group in Vancouver, Canada. Amed Khan is not only Giustra's partner he is also a long time Clinton aide. [3]


Their symbol is identical to one of FBI unclassified pedophile symbols, but mirrored and rotated.


Pegida logo, from left to right: original, then mirrored, then rotated to match the FBI example.

Their facebook page[4] recently deleted all logos whereas their instagram has the logo set as their avatar at the time of creation of this article (3 December 2016) [5]


Elpida Instagram screenshot