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Graydon Carter

Generally Accepted Facts from Wikipedia

Edward Graydon Carter (born 14 July 1949) is a Canadian journalist and has served as the editor of Vanity Fair since 1992. He also co-founded, with Kurt Andersen and Tom Phillips, the satirical monthly magazine Spy in 1986.

Relationship to #Pizzagate

Connection to sex offender Jeffrey Epstein

Journalist Vicky Ward, writer of the 2003 Vanity Fair article, The Talented Mr. Epstein,[1] was assigned to write the article profiling Jeffrey Epstein by the head of Vanity Fair, Graydon Carter.[2]

In January of 2015, Vicky Ward would come forward with the inside story of writing the article to a few news outlets, including the Daily Beast. She told the Daily Beast that Epstein immediately hit on her and that his parties with their "nubile, young women" was the source of much New York gossip. Most importantly, Vicky Ward uncovered Epstein was engaging illicit activities with underage girls (the basis for his arrest in 2007).

Vicky Ward, via the Daily Beast, recalls:[3]

What I had “on the girls” were some remarkably brave first-person accounts. Three on-the-record stories from a family: a mother and her daughters who came from Phoenix. The oldest daughter, an artist whose character was vouchsafed to me by several sources, including the artist Eric Fischl, had told me, weeping as she sat in my living room, of how Epstein had attempted to seduce both her and, separately, her younger sister, then only 16.

He’d gotten to them because of his money. He’d promised the older sister patronage of her art work; he’d promised the younger funding for a trip abroad that would give her the work experience she needed on her résumé for a place at an Ivy League university, which she desperately wanted—and would win.

The girls’ mother told me by phone that she had thought her daughters would be safe under Epstein’s roof, not least because he phoned her to reassure her, and she also knew he had Ghislaine Maxwell with him at all times. 

When the girls’ mother learned that Epstein had, regardless, allegedly molested her 16-year-old daughter, she’d wanted to fight back.

When Ward put the allegations to Epstein, he immediately called Carter. Ward also said mysterious letters were sent supposedly on behalf of the victims to Carter, exonerating Epstein, but the victims said the letters were fabrications and Ward herself had evidence to corroborate the victims' information.[4] Ward even said Epstein came to Vanity Fair offices themselves - getting past security - and scaring the whole office.[5] Regardless of all of Epstein's threats and personal attacks, the victims and their family held firm.[6]

As Ward was getting ready to go to print and all sources were vetted by Vanity Fair's legal team, Carter was the one that demanded that the story of the young women be cut from the Epstein piece. When Ward confronted Carter directly he simply said “[Epstein]’s sensitive about the young women...[a]nd we still get to run most of the piece.”[7]

When asked about this situation in 2015, Vanity Fair responded via spokesman:[8]

“Epstein denied the charges at the time and since the claims were unsubstantiated and no criminal investigation had been initiated, we decided not to include them in what was a financial story.”

It remains unclear why no one provided the evidence Vanity Fair had uncovered to authorities at the time. Epstein would be arrested based on similar circumstances four years later.

Connection to Bill Clinton

Gawker staff had heard a rumor that Bill Clinton visited Graydon Carter to stop Vanity Fair from running an expose on sex offender Jeffrey Epstein when Epstein was arrested for illicit activities with underage girls in 2007. Other elites also put pressure on Carter, based on what Gawker had heard.

From Gawker on September 24th, 2007 in article entitled, The Truth About Jeffrey Epstein and 'Vanity Fair':[9]

Here are some of the crazed rumors we've heard about the Vanity Fair story that John Connolly is writing about alleged financier-perv* billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, of whom it is alleged that he retained a procurer of underage girls. Oh my God, we heard that Bill Clinton came into 4 Times Square and told Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter that this expose of Epstein must not run and of course Graydon folded like a paper doll. And also we heard alleged former Epstein alleged friend Ron Burkle is Danny A's backer on every club he opens and Burkle does that to harvest pretty young things then flies them to L.A. and allegedly sells them to Epstein and alleged movie-producer Steve "Bing Laden" Bing and it is this cabal of partying hedonists that has prevented the piece from running! And also we heard that Prince Andrew (the one who divorced Fergie!) and the royal family interceded, promising to shut down Graydon Carter's restaurant The Waverly Inn if this piece runs and that is all why it has not seen the light of day yet!

Falling Out

Carter and Bill Clinton had a falling out over a Vanity Fair article about Clinton and his involvement in scandals called "The Comeback Id."

Clinton's team issued a scathing retort about several accusations, including that Clinton's assistant Doug Band was involved in deals with Raffaello Follieri.[10]

Connection to Raffaello Follieri

While setting up his interview from prison for the 2008 Vanity Fair article, "The Follieri Charade," Raffaello Follieri, asked for Graydon Carter to come to his interview.

From the Vanity Fair article:[11]

“And listen,” he adds, “when you come, bring Graydon Carter. I like him very much.”

It is unclear what the level of the relationship is between Follieri and Carter, particularly because Follieri has a reputation as a bit of a con-artist, as the article itself describes.