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Haiti is a nation on the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean Sea. In 2010, an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 Mw occurred at an epicenter near the town of Léogâne (Ouest), approximately 25 kilometers (16 mi) west of Port-au-Prince, Haiti's capital.[1] During the earthquake and in the aftermath many organizations exploited and profited from the crisis, including the Clinton Foundation. To this day many continue to suffer in the devastation and much is yet to be rebuilt.

a The Caribbean island of Hispaniola
The Caribbean island of Hispaniola

Geography Note

As noted above, Haiti and the Dominican Republic share the same island, known as Hispaniola, in the Caribbean Sea. As they share the same island, crimes that involve one of the countries often involves the other, such as convicted child trafficker Laura Silsby who attempted to traffic children from Haiti to the Dominican Republic.

Exploitation of Haitian Earthquake by corporate interests


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is the United States Government agency which is primarily responsible for administering civilian foreign aid.[2] They were in charge of the United State's effort to provide aid to Haiti during the 2010 earthquake. According to their website their mission in Haiti is in long-term reconstruction and development, promoting economic growth, job creation and agricultural development, providing basic health care and education services, and improving the effectiveness of government.[3] The United States Congress approved $1.4 billion USD in aid to Haiti.[4]

Here is data that's been cited as evidence of corruption:[5]

  • For $55 million USAID was supposed to build 4,000 houses outside Haiti’s capital by 2012 but only 816 have been constructed even though funding increased to a startling $90 million.
  • USAID failed to provide adequate oversight of contractors doing the work and severely underestimated costs.
  • USAID failed to keep complete records as is required in these sorts of projects.

Clinton Foundation

According to the nonpartisan Washington watchdog Judicial Watch, the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund collected huge sums of donation of $34 million and $54.4 million, respectively.[6]

Accounting firms

According to USAID, the accounting firms responsible for their Haiti efforts were the local Haitian firms Experts Conseils & Associates (ECA), Pierre Andre Guillame & Associates (PAGS), and Merove-Pierre & Associates.[7] FBIanon stated these firms were important leads to corruption in the relief efforts of Haiti.

Human smuggling of Asians through Haiti, with likely ties to sex trafficking

First, it should be noted, that many Haitians believe the Clintons are tied to the elite Mafias in Haiti.[8] They refer to it as foreign-authored organized criminal activity.[9]

When it comes to organized crime, there is a strong link between human smuggling and human sex trafficking. According to Professor Dena Weiss: [10][Archived Version (Has popup blocking, but still legible)]

Organized crime plays a significant role in human trafficking in countries worldwide. Often beginning as a voluntary action, human trafficking quickly turns into the recruitment, transport, and control of an individual. The criminal act not only involves trafficking an individual, but also the demand for exorbitant fees to transport a person and create fraudulent passport documents. Once an individual has arrived in a new country, the organized crime members remain in control and usually force the immigrant into prostitution or forms of slavery such as working in a sweatshop.

In addition, relating to the trafficking of Asians specifically:

Due to poor economic conditions in China, the business of trafficking Chinese citizens into the United States has become a lucrative business for organized crime. One specific Asian crime organization is referred to as the “Triads.” The group has been very successful in the United States creating cells in New York, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, and Houston (Abadinsky, 2010). Human trafficking has become the crime of choice not only because it is safer than offenses such as drug trafficking, but because there is low overhead. Century old cargo carriers are used for travel and occupancy is triple what it should be resulting in rancid conditions onboard vessels. Traffickers may charge as much as $35,000 per immigrant but only require a $100 deposit (Logan, Walker, & Hunt, 2009). Once the person arrives in the United States they are obligated to pay the remainder of their debt or become enslaved by the Triads either in sweatshops or prostitution houses. Gang members threaten death or violence against them or their families if they attempt escape.

There are numerous reported instances of human smuggling of Asians through islands in the Caribbean, including Haiti. The US Feds busted a ring in November 2003, of a couple who reportedly brought thousands from China, seemingly by air, to the Philippines or other Asian countries to Caribbean islands, primarily French speaking ones presumably including Haiti (which speaks the French derivation Creole), then to Miami and then to other locations in the US.[11] Though this bust was notable, the act of human smuggling of Asians through Haiti continued.

In a slightly more recent example, from October 9th, 2009, in article called Haiti “seriously" looks to eradicate people-trafficking mafias, Dominican Today reported:[12]

Haiti is “seriously" interested in collaborating to eradicate the mafias which traffic Asians, Cubans and other nationalities to Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the United States, official Haitian sources said Sunday.

Jean Batistie Bien Aimé, Haiti’s consul in the Dominican province Dajabón (northwest), which borders with Haiti, denounced that a powerful international network is trafficking with migrants using his country, whose authorities are pursuing its ringleaders.

Haiti’s reaction takes place one week after Dominican authorities detained 28 undocumented Chinese and Korean citizens and returned them to Haiti, and are now being held by police in Fort Liberté (north).




  • recent hotel bust (see below) at Kaliko Bay Hotel in Côte-des-Arcadins was at a hotel northward and along the coast of Haiti also directly the hotel was directly west of an island (Gonâve Island)


  • 15Feb2010 [14] - Trafficking Charges for Adviser to Jailed Americans in Haiti
about Jorge Puello
  • 6Feb2017 [15] - Haiti Police Rescue 31 Girls in Child-Trafficking Sting
"31 minors, all girls aged 13-17, were rescued in an anti-child-trafficking sting operation undertaken by the Haitian National Police on Sunday. Among the arrested were 9 adults, foreigners, including missionaries among them. How 31 children were able to pass hotel administrators and staff to be kept in one room is being investigated by police. All 31 children were being held in a single room, number 155, at the Kaliko Bay Hotel in Côte-des-Arcadins... The hotel owner, a driver of a bus that transported the children and some caregivers were held by police. The investigation began in December and remains ongoing to uncover the true breadth of the operation that appears to include non-governmental organization and international elements. Assistance was given by fellow missionaries to police, which aided in the operation. Investigators believe the syndicate was preparing to take the children over the Dominican Republic border to then leave the island. Police and other public officials are also investigating possible sexual exploitation being that all the minors were female. Conservative Radio Host Glenn Beck, who visited a children’s refuge in Haiti in December, to pass out Christmas gifts, tweeted about the police operation hours in advance. ..."
- this Kaliko Bay Hotel in La Côte-des-Arcadins, Haiti is literally on a coast (not a port but a coastal hotel)
- this hotel is coastally north of Port-Au-Prince, and if you look at a map west of the hotel is a Haitian island (Gonâve Island wiki: [16] ) which the hotel looks like it would be the closes destination to travel to Gonâve Island from..
  • 7Feb2017 [18] - Haiti hotel police raid exposes child sex trafficking
- "... The sting raid by police on Sunday at a resort hotel, Kaliko Beach Club, near the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince... In 2016, the U.S. State Department downgraded Haiti to its lowest grade - tier 3 - for human trafficking centers, meaning Haiti is not making significant efforts to meet the minimum standards to combat trafficking and prosecute perpetrators. Under Haiti's 2014 anti-trafficking law, those convicted of human trafficking can face from seven years up to life imprisonment... "
  • 17March2017 [19] - Organizations Denounce Release of Child, Sex Trafficking Suspects
  • 11April2017 [20] - Search for Haitian boy rescues hundreds of children from human trafficking rings
keywords/phrases: Super Bowl Sunday, group of Americans docked a yacht outside a small resort, Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) - a nonprofit organization that fights human trafficking, some of the kids had been branded as property, kidnapped outside an LDS church building in Haiti, etc
  • 13April2017 [21] - Report: United Nations ‘Peacekeepers’ Ran Child Sex Ring In Haiti, Not A Single One Faced Jail - The Associated Press reports that at least 134 U.N. peacekeepers ran a child sex ring in Haiti from 2004 to 2007, with not a single one going to jail.
keywords/phrases: United Nations does not have jurisdiction over its peacekeepers, etc


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