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Hillary Rodham Clinton
Hillary Rodham Clinton

Public life

Hillary Clinton is most famously known as the former First Lady to President Bill Clinton. The two of them would then go on to co-found the Clinton Foundation. Hillary Clinton's career in politics made her a Senator of New York and later the Secretary of State under President Barack Obama.[1]

Hillary Clinton went on to become the Democratic Party's candidate for the 2016 Presidential election. She was chosen as a candidate over her party rival, Bernie Sanders, in a campaign led by John Podesta.

Role in #Pizzagate

Hillary Clinton, her husband Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation are the connecting threads through virtually all of the pages listed on this website. There is significant evidence that Hillary Clinton used her role as Secretary of State in conjunction with the Clinton Foundation for various purposes including bribery and public corruption, all the way to human trafficking. Their activities have been investigated by several notable figures including the FBI and the possibly murdered Antonin Scalia and Monica Petersen.

Connection to George Soros

It is reported that George Soros' organizations have donated at least $6 million USD to the Clinton Foundation.[2] He was also known for his contributions to the Clinton Global Initiative.[3] Soros used this influence to directly affect Hillary Clinton's policies while Secretary of State [4] and is even quoted as saying, "he can always call/meet with [her] on an issue of policy."[5]

George Soros also channels funds to the Democracy Alliance, which goes through the Amalgamated Bank and into the Clinton Foundation. Some have described this as operation chain as, "Heavy amounts of money laundering, coming from a massive amount of donors." [Confidential]

Connection to DynCorp

Connection to convicted child trafficker, Laura Silsby

Connection to the Gawker Shutdown

Connection to Bob Menendez

Kathy Shelton and Hillary's History of Using Illegal Means to Protect Child Rapists

This story was covered in the media by several sources, including Snopes.com who covered the Kathy Shelton case, but Kathy Shelton's own statements were largely ignored in order to protect Hillary from claims of wrongdoing in the case (Writer Kim LaCapria's bio on the website admits she is slanted left). Essentially, the element that is almost always overlooked is that no investigator or police officer would ever corroborate the statements regarding a young Kathy Shelton that Hillary Clinton would make in her sworn affidavit. Those statements about Kathy Shelton, Hillary said, were made to her by those investigators and officers. CNN even attempted to find these investigators and officers Hillary referred to in her sworn affidavit, but never could.[6] Assuming Hillary lied, that is perjury and obstruction of justice, regardless of the fact that she was the rapist's attorney. ABC Chief Legal Correspondent Dan Abram's website, LawNewz, covered this element of the case in depth: Link [Archived Version]

Connection to Moloch, god of child sacrifice

Used State Department email to relay a supporter Lewis Amselem's message on important campaign news and a "chicken to Moloch" sacrifice.[7] Moloch is quite specifically the Canaanite god of child sacrifice.[8]

Law is made enabling Secretary of State to now sign off on spending in Pakistan instead of the President


Personal assets

Clinton Foundation

International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children

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On February 4, 2008, the New Republic produced a list of the worst criminals closely associated with the Clintons. New Republic, With Friends Like These...:[9]

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