International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children

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The International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children is a NGO located in Virginia, Alexandria. It was formed in 1998. The NGO focusses on laws, systems and treaties to protect children worldwide. They collaborate with many different stakeholders, such as law enforcement, private corporations and government. [1]


In the aftermath of the Dutroux Scandal in the late 1990's in Belgium, the US-based National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children was swamped with work, and this justified a need for a similar organization operating on an International level. [2] The Dutroux affair involved a massive cover-up to save high-profile people being implicated. The Belgium public was outraged, there were large protests in the street [3] when the only man making progress in the investigation was sacked. Action was needed to placate the people. Several child protection agencies sprung up around the world, the NCMEC acting as a template organization, the ICMEC acting as the head coordinating effort.

The official launch was made in London 1999, launched by Hillary Clinton and Cherie Blair, wife of Tony Blair.

Donors and Supporters

Full List (big names): [4]

Eli Broad: Art collector billionaire, education reformer - wants to privatize schools

Office Location

The main ICMEC is located in Alexandria, Virginia. In November 2016, at the time of the US elections resulting in a change of government, the address on the official website changed from Diagonal Road next to the train station to an office in Mill Road. The original location was across the road from the Amtrak/DC Metro station, and had the George Washington Masonic Memorial facing toward it.

The NCMEC office is located nearby, also in Alexandria, VA.

Alexandria is close to Washington D.C., it's main train station is on the DC metro network.

Board Members (past and current)

ICMEC Board members and associates

For a relatively small (in terms of funding) organization, the board members are very well connected to D.C politics, the pharmacuetical industry, and to US and European organizations.

  • Patty Wetterling: A lifelong advocate for children since her son, Jacob Wetterling went missing in 1989. She started the NCMEC and brings a sense of legitimacy to the organization.
  • Ernie Allen: Chairman of ICMEC. His work got Wall St and big pharma support for ICMEC. Gerry McCann, father of Madeleine McCann, personally flew to from Portugal to D.C. to meet with him in August 2007. Makes $1 million a year from taxpayer covering up missing children statistics. [6]
  • Franz Humer: DIAEGO LLC $200k to PODESTA, 2015 Chairman of Diageo, and of Roche. [7]
John Podesta or Tony Podesta?
  • Victor Halberstadt: [8] Member of the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group, Member of the International Advisory Board of Goldman Sachs Group Inc, Member of the Faculty of the World Economic Forum

  • George W. Bickerstaff: [16] Chief Financial Officer of Novartis Pharma AG, The Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy Independent Director of Cardax, Inc.
  • Osamu Nagayama: Chief executive officer of Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., one of Japan's largest drug companies. Chugai was aquired by Roche. Chairman of the board of directors, Sony Corporation
  • Dr Raymond F. Schinazi: AIDS drugs researcher
  • Andre Pienaar: Executive Chairman, C5 Capital, A South African intelligence expert made payments of as much as £60,000 through his security company for an unregistered charity linked to Dr Liam Fox.[22]

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