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Jeff Smith AKA @WerkinOnMahNightCheese



Jeff Smith's instagram is @werkinonmahnightcheese (deleted as of 12/13/2016), known instagram friend with James Achilles Alefantis (@Jimmycomet).[1]

He owns a workshop 'Smith Steel', in the industrial complex 'the Pajama Factory', where the Body of Regina Lapp was found dead in 2013 in a reportedly isolated incident. [2][3][4][5]

In his workshop he manufactures child sized coffins.

Judging by the walls and structure of the Pajama Factory,[6] it can be determined from this workshop several instagram posts were made by James/jimmycomet, that have been base for speculation of tunnels thought to be in or around Connecticut Avenue business (where James is located). Since the activity is under criminal investigation, unlike the previously suspected locations, this one hasn't been checked for construction permits.

His brother is Blair Smith, or as Jeff calls him, "his favorite pedo", on Instagram known as jblairsmith. They both work in a coffee shop Luft Coffee.

@WerkinOnMahNightCheese deleted

@WerkinOnMahNightCheese has since been deleted from Instagram by Jeff Smith due to attention from #Pizzagate. Do not for any reason stalk or harass this individual. His new account is @Woodandsteel4130, his secondary account is @ferronongladio

Connection to infamous #Killroom

Jeff Smith posts a few photographs using the hashtag #Killroom, which is the same one used in infamous Jimmycomet photos of the alleged freezer at Comet Ping Pong. Jeff Smith was originally discovered through his interactions with James Achilles Alefantis as Jimmycomet. The #Killroom has been used by Jeff Smith to refer to his warehouse/workshop, and Jeff Smith posted the hashtag in Jimmycomet's alleged "freezer" post, so it's very possible #Killroom may be just a reference of Jeff Smith's (See Debunked rumors).

Relation to pedophile codes

Cheese is known code word that implies sex with underage girls.

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