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Relationship to #Pizzagate

Connection to the Digital Entertainment Network

From the Los Angeles Times article, DEN Sex Suit Expanded With Additional Allegations, by Joseph Menn, published on March 3rd, 2001:[1]

With the three founders of Digital Entertainment Network and their assets at least temporarily out of reach, attorneys in some sex molestation lawsuits against the trio have turned their sights on related parties.

One suit filed last year has been updated to include claims against three former directors of the defunct Santa Monica Internet company, alleging that they knew or should have known that DEN founder Marc Collins-Rector and other executives were taking advantage of teen employees. Directors Jeffrey Sachs, Mitchell Blutt and David Neuman deny wrongdoing, said their attorney, Timothy Toohey.

Connection to Dana Giacchetto

From the Hollywood Reporter article, From Mike Ovitz to Leonardo DiCaprio: A Wall Street Criminal Recalls His Hollywood Heyday, by Tim Appelo, Gary Baum, published on April 18th, 2014:[2]

With his loft parties and extravagant trips with clients (to Cuba and Thailand with DiCaprio; on a $50,000-a-person Colorado whitewater raft trip for the Environmental Defense Fund), Giacchetto says, "I was trying to create a salon." But when he partnered with venture capitalists Jeffrey Sachs and Sam Holdsworth in the $100 million Cassandra-Chase Entertainment fund, he discovered a corporate culture that was intolerant of his punk-rock record-keeping style and high operating expenses. "It ruined everything," he says. "All of a sudden, it wasn't about all the genius cool people that I wanted to put together to meet each other -- artists, directors, writers, filmmakers, gay, straight, whatever."

Connection to Jeffrey Epstein, convicted sex offender

Jeffrey Sachs has two phone numbers in Jeffrey Epstein's "Little Black Book."

While there are many elites in Jeffrey Epstein's "Little Black Book," what makes Sachs entry more significant is his business partner, Dana Giacchetto, is an individual Jeffrey Epstein's butler, Alfredo Rodriguez identified as having material information about Jeffrey Epstein's illicit activities with minors. For more information, including document citations, see the wiki page for Dana Giacchetto.

a Jeffrey Sachs in Jeffrey Epstein's "Little Black Book" (physical page )
Jeffrey Sachs in Jeffrey Epstein's "Little Black Book" (physical page )