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Jimmy Savile


There is abundant evidence that pedophile rings are prevalent among the elite of British politics in both parties and have been for decades. The recent Jimmy Savile scandal is just the tip of the iceberg; the problem stretches far beyond Savile and the evidence is now so preponderant it is undeniable.

UK and Savile [1]

Savile Timeline [2]

wiki: Jimmy Savile Abuse Scandal [3]

  • 11Oct2012 - Jimmy Savile is the Tip of the Iceberg (this is a blog but it contains solid citations, it explains how Savile was far more than a lone predator) [4]
- 11Oct2012 [5] - Jimmy Savile: nurse's Broadmoor claim adds to 'cascade' of abuse allegations - Psychiatric nurse says former patient told her she had been repeatedly raped by TV star in early 1980s
  • 15Oct2012 [6] - Jimmy Savile police investigate Broadmoor rape claims - As sexual abuse claims grow, Met studies claims that late DJ assaulted patients at psychiatric hospital where he volunteered
- 15Oct2012 [7] - Did Jimmy Savile Sexually Abuse Corpses at Stoke Mandeville?
  • 25Oct2012 [8] - PAEDO RING LINKED TO NO10 - A JIMMY Savile paedophile ring might once have had links to No10 Downing Street, an MP claimed yesterday.
  • 2013 - Police Protection of Celebrity Criminals Prevented Savile Being Brought to Justice [9]
  • 11Jan2013 [10] - Police errors left Jimmy Savile free to 'groom the nation' - Public prosecutor promises to reinvestigate thousands of sexual assault cases after extent of Savile's crimes revealed
  • 12May2013 [11] - CHARLES' LINKS TO SAVILE - A TOP-level cover-up was ordered to hide close links between Prince Charles and paedo Jimmy Savile, we can reveal today.
  • 30May2013 - New Allegations: Other Members of BBC in the Wake of the Savile Accusations [12]
  • 28July2013 - Celebrity arrests could soar after horrified police discover Jimmy Savile's secret lair at record shop [13] [14]
  • 18Jan2014 - Revealed: how Jimmy Savile abused up to 1,000 victims on BBC premises [15]
  • 4May2014 [16] - SAME AS PAEDO SAVILE: Top cop compares disgraced Max Clifford to evil child abuser - DISGRACED publicist Max Clifford is "incredibly similar" to perverted paedophile Jimmy Savile, according to an ex-cop involved in bringing them to justice
  • 26June2014 [17] - Jimmy Savile NHS abuse victims aged five to 75
- 26June2014 [18] - Jimmy Savile: Could it ever happen again? - Jimmy Savile committed crimes against 214 people over more than 50 years - and the number of cases of abuse reported have reached 500.
  • 4Sept2014 [19] - Jimmy Savile scandal: Sexual predator ran girls-only parties at Broadmoor hospital away from staff - He used his unlimited access on the wards to recruit the young women for his private parties where he installed himself as DJ
  • 25Feb2016 [20] - Savile and Hall: BBC 'missed chances to stop attacks' - Former colleagues explain why they think Savile was not exposed
  • 26Feb2016 [21] - 'No conclusions' on Savile in schools
  • 29Sept2016 [22] - 'I was gullible' – when Louis Theroux met Jimmy Savile again - For 15 years, Theroux has agonised about letting Savile off the hook when they first met. Now, he’s created a new documentary to make sense of his guilt – and meet the victims of the man he once called a friend
  • 1Oct2016 [23] - Louis Theroux: Looking back on Jimmy Savile
- "...And she mentioned, when I asked if he'd never shown anything other than a professional interest in her, that she would have been too "walnuttish" for him - a word she'd heard him use. She was then in her mid-20s..." - Pedophile codes reference?
  • 2Oct2016 [24] - Jimmy Savile admitted getting knighthood was 'a relief because it got me off the hook' - In light of the new Louis Theroux documentary on the disgraced broadcaster, this compelling and disquieting interview by the celebrated journalist Lynn Barber takes on new meaning. It was first published in 1990 in The Independent on Sunday

Relationship to #Pizzagate

Connection to Prince Andrew

From Daily Mail article, How Savile seduced the royals: As it's claimed he nearly became godfather to Harry, how the predatory DJ wormed his way into the very heart of Palace life, by Richard Kay, June 12th, 2015:[25]

But Savile did not confine himself to one royal. Prince Andrew was called on to help in an episode of Jim’ll Fix It when an eight-year-old girl asked to visit a warship. 

The Naval officer Prince was her host on his minehunter, HMS Cottesmore. Princess Anne was similarly obliging on another episode of the Saturday night programme, while Prince Philip was leant on to help a fundraising drive for the National Spinal Injuries Centre at Stoke Mandeville hospital in Buckinghamshire.


wiki: [26]


  • 1926 - born James Wilson Vincent "Jimmy" Savile - 31 October 1926 [27] in Leeds [28]


  • 1933 - Children and Young Persons Act, first introduced in 1933, making child sex abuse illegal [29]


  • 1956 - Sexual Offences Act 1956, making it illegal to have sex with children under the age of 16 [30]


  • 1968 - Savile first approached Broadmoor Hospital in 1968 and was soon given his own keys, the report said [31]


  • 1969 - Roecliffe Manor closed [32]


  • 1971 - He was awarded the OBE in 1971 [33]


  • 1977 - The formal complaint - made in 1977 by an 11-year-old girl's father - should have been reported to police [34]


  • 1980 - Savile met Margaret Thatcher, then prime minister, to discuss the funding of Stoke Mandeville's spinal injuries unit in 1980 - and in the same year was appointed to oversee fundraising and rebuilding of the unit [35]


  • 1988 - Savile was appointed by the Department of Health as the head of a taskforce overseeing Broadmoor (Hospital) [36]


  • 1990 - Knighted [37]


  • 1997 - Anyone working with children or vulnerable people has needed to undergo a Disclosure and Baring Service (DBS) (formerly Criminal Records Bureau) - check since 1997 [38]
  • 9Aug1997 - Savile underwent a three-hour quadruple heart-bypass operation at Killingbeck Hospital in Leeds, having known he needed the surgery for at least four years after attending regular check-ups [39]


  • 2000 - (Documentary) When Louis Met Jimmy


  • 2004 - Local safeguarding children boards were set up in 2004 to make sure different NHS and local authority bodies work efficiently together [40]
  • 2004 - The NHS has to "make arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare of children" under the Children Act 2004, started in 1989 [41]


  • 29Oct2011 - found dead at his home in Leeds; he is buried the following month in Scarborough [42] two days before his 85th birthday [43]
  • Dec2011 - A BBC Newsnight investigation into abuse allegations is dropped [44]


  • 3Oct2012 - ITV airs an investigation, Exposure, The Other Side of Jimmy Savile in which several women allege he sexually abused them [45]
  • 9Oct2012: Police announce launch of Operation Yewtree, to investigate allegations [46]
  • 10Oct2012 (source?) - Headstone Removed
  • 11Oct2012 (source?) - George Entwistle, Director General of the BBC, asks journalists why the Newsnight programme was dropped as police from Tayside, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and North Yorkshire police say they are investigating allegations going back to 1959
  • 12Oct2012 (source?) Savile abuse allegations: 340 lines of inquiry and possibly 40 victims.
  • 13Oct2012 (source?) - Esther Rantzen in row over claims she ignored warning about Jimmy Savile. Child abuse campaigner Shy Keenan claims she warned Rantzen about paedophile claims . ChildLine founder says she cannot remember the incident and denies that Jimmy Savile's name was ever mentioned.
  • 14Oct2012 (source?) - The best friend of disgraced paedophile Jimmy Savile has claimed scores of alleged child abuse victims threw themselves at the TV legend. Janet Cope, the stars' personal assistant for 28 years, slammed his accusers as nothing more than celebrity-obsessed attention seekers motivated by money.

  • 15Oct2012 (source?) - sees a man come forward alleging that Savile abused him when he was a nine-year-old boyscout and (source?) a transgender man comes forward alleging that Jimmy Savile 'stuck his hand up his nightdress' while he was a 17-year-old teenage girl at Broadmoor in the 1970's.

  • 29Oct2012 (source?) - Creepy' Jimmy Savile was banned from Children in Need. Jimmy Savile was banned from BBC Children in Need because of his suspicious behaviour with children more than a decade ago, a former BBC executive has revealed.
  • 7Nov2012 (source?) - Independent inquiry to examine claims of Jersey abuse. Claims that Sir Jimmy Savile abused girls at a children’s home in Jersey are to be examined by a new independent inquiry.
  • 7Nov2012 (source?) - Jimmy Savile was suspected of being Yorkshire Ripper. Jimmy Savile was questioned by police investigating the Yorkshire Ripper murders, a senior officer who worked on the inquiry revealed.
  • 13Nov2012 (source?) - Late Liberal Democrat MP Sir Cyril Smith a closet paedophile 'had a close friendship with Jimmy Savile,' The Sun has revealed.


  • 11Jan2013 - Joint report (?) by Metropolitan Police and the NSPCC says they have recorded 214 offences; offences took place at many locations including hospitals and a hospice [47] [48]


  • 26June2014 - Department of Health publishes the result of investigations by 28 medical establishments; Savile found to have abused 60 individuals at Leeds General Infirmary [49] [50]


  • 26Feb2015 - Separate report (?) into Savile's activities at Stoke Mandeville Hospital finds that he sexually abused 63 people there [51] [52]
Investigation into the Association of Jimmy Savile with Stoke Mandeville Hospital - A Report for Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust [53]


  • 25Feb2016 - Dame Janet Smith's report into Jimmy Savile at the BBC says the corporation missed opportunities to stop "monstrous" abuse because of a "culture of fear" [54]

Maps and locations

Hospitals savile.jpg source [55]

  • Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Aylesbury
  • Leeds General Infirmary and Broadmoor Hospital in Berkshire

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