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James Alefantis aka Jimmy Comet on social media

"jimmycomet" is James Alefantis' instagram account.
Antinous, the classic idol of sacrifice and pederasty, set as James' profile picture[1]
Before it was set to private on 11/7/2016, public activity was dominated with references to obscene art, sexual activity, in combination with images of children, joined by derogatory/sexually suggestive commentary from various users. Some posts are evidence of the ties between James Alefantis and prominent figures.[2][3]


Barack Obama playing ping pong with a minor

Comet Ping Pong and social media presence

It appears there is a representation of a subculture that displays language and behavior linked to pedophile codes surrounding the online community around jimmycomet and Comet Ping Pong.


"What what in the butt?" is a phrase commonly known as implying anal sex (originally a boy child soliciting anal sex).


A bare blood smeared man in drag crawling under Comet Ping Pong's ping pong table. jimmycomet: "Sex"


"cumpanda", according to some, is the term of a fetish for two black eyes as a result of bruising. James Alefantis and "cboutlier" seem to agree this is image represents a "pandacumhole", in other words a gaping orifice filled with semen.


According to the Urban Dictionary hotard means "the state of being both a ho and a retard."


The Urban Dictionary definition of Uncle Buck: "A sly character who's true identity is unknown to the law and public and is wanted by numerous police forces around the area for felonies against youths. Buck was prone to stealing youngsters for his own pleasure." James Alefantis, here seen posting from a Rome nightclub[4] owns a restaurant "Buck's Fishing & Camping".


Comet Ping Pong is closed at night.


A penis pun on Ping Pong. "hoebocamp" implies shelter for homeless prostitutes.



Someone at Comet Ping Pong soliciting visitors: "Cum visit"

Jimmycomet examples

  • Mae Cummings (bondage)
  • killroom/murder/just rinse it off when you're done/nighttime werewolf hideout

Recurring themes of Coloboma: iris abnormalities

The commenters in his Instagram feed make an unusual amount of references to eyes, in their usernames. Additionally, a rare birth defect known as Coloboma (eye spots) seems to play a role as it can be just about every child posted by Jimmycomet. This same birth defect has been linked to research which extended the life of mice.(Needs citation) See Madeleine McCann for a thorough explanation.

Caris Cummings controversy

See also: What is: carisjames

Caris Cummings is the child of Scott Cummings and Cory Woolman, on Instagram known as "scummings" and "ccwoolman". They often appear to mockingly indulge in jimmycomet's Comet Ping Pong social media hiatus, sometimes commenting or liking the immoral activity, even encouraging sexual wordplay in relation to their own children, safety and current location of which remains debatable.

James Alefantis' defensive argument for the pictures is that he is Caris' godfather, and that he loves children, when confronted by strangers. [5]


jimmycomet giving Caris pizza


jimmycomet tagging ccwoolman and scummings on a picture of fatigue looking children.

  • possible that carisjames refers to a date rape drug carisoprodol that blocks pain?

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