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Role in #Pizzagate

Suggestive artwork on display in Tony Podesta's home

An article in the Washington Post pointed out that Katy Grannan's photos of nude teenagers are among the works hanging in Tony Podesta's home.[1] Tony Podesta is known for a bizarre collection of art with disturbing overall themes.

Guggenheim has some of the photos mentioned in their collection, on loan from Podesta. This photo is one such example (Warning: Not Safe for Work).[2][NON-ARCHIVABLE] Here is another (Warning: Not Safe for Work).[3][NON-ARCHIVABLE] The series is described as such:

Although people of varying ages replied to Grannan’s ad, including couples and women who posed with their children, most of the images in The Poughkeepsie Journal depict young women in their late teens and early twenties, many photographed at their parents’ homes. Often they are clad only in underwear or completely nude, shown in varying degrees of modesty and exposure. Grannan captures their desire to appeal to and entice viewers (including themselves and the photographer) while also eliciting a certain melancholy. As the figures of The Poughkeepsie Journal pose uneasily in their bedrooms and living rooms, they are captivatingly present, and indeed, what Grannan captures is the seductiveness of being photographed. These young women seem to be making a poignant effort to achieve a kind of sexiness, glamour, or independence that might transport them, if only momentarily, from the confines of their ordinary lives.

It is unclear whether "the women who posed with their children" were all also nude, based on the statement in the first line.

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