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Additional Relevant Facts

Publicly Undressing Young Man in Croatia


Role at #Pizzagate

Flew with sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, on his plane, dubbed the Lolita Express, on several occasions.

Relationship with #Pizzagate

Connection to Jeffrey Epstein

There is no evidence Spacey had an active role in Jeffrey Epstein's activities with minors.

Interesting for this investigation, however, is that on March 19, 2015,'s Defamer published a series on Spacey's homosexual proclivities and his overall sexual aggressiveness.[Archived Version] Virtually all of the stories people submitted stated that Spacey appeared to be sexually interested in very young men. One of the final stories was in regard to Spacey's possible attraction to a young man of high school age, who would most likely be a minor. Quoting Defamer:

However, I will say that [Spacey] spent the most time talking to a handsome young student who was enrolled in a local private high school ( I eavesdropped hard for this). The boy’s mom was also there so nothing too flirty, but Spacey was obviously into the kid, talking to him about his Latin studies, lacrosse practices, theatre, etc. etc. I mean the kid was hot…. Anyway, I also know the owners of a local bar that was used for the filming of [House of Cards] and the owner's son is a lax bro at a nearby college…I've heard Spacey was VERY flirty with that kid. Considering these stories together, it seems that if Spacey is gay (and, honestly, who the hell cares anyway? You do Oscar-winning you, Spacey!) he definitely has a type. Go Maryland lacrosse!