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Li Ka-shing

Generally Accepted Facts from Wikipedia

Li Ka-shing (born 29 July 1928 in Chaozhou, China) is a Hong Kong business magnate and investor. According to Forbes, as of March 2016 Li is the richest person in Hong Kong and the second richest person in Asia, with an estimated net worth of US$27.1 billion. He is currently the chairman of the board for CK Hutchison Holdings; through it, he is the world's leading port investor, developer, and operator, and the largest health and beauty retailer in Asia and Europe.

Considered one of the most powerful figures in Asia, Li was named "Asia's Most Powerful Man, Li Ka-Shing" by Asiaweek in 2001. His companies make up 4% of the market capitalisation of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Forbes Magazine and the Forbes family honoured Li Ka-shing with the first ever "Malcolm S. Forbes Lifetime Achievement Award" on 5 September 2006, in Singapore. In spite of his wealth, Li has cultivated a reputation for leading a no-frills lifestyle, and is known to wear simple black dress shoes and an inexpensive Seiko wristwatch. He continues to live in the same house as he has for decades, which has now become one of the most expensive districts in Hong Kong, Deep Water Bay in Hong Kong Island. Li is also regarded as one of Asia's most generous philanthropists, donating over US$2.56 billion as of April 2016 to charity and other various philanthropic causes. Li is often referred to as "Superman" in Hong Kong because of his business prowess.

Li Ka-shing was born in Chaozhou in Guangdong province, China, in 1928 to Teochew parents. Due to his father's death, he was forced to leave school before the age of 15 and found a job in a plastics trading company where he worked 16 hours a day. In 1950 he started his own company, Cheung Kong Industries.[13] From manufacturing plastics, Li developed his company into a leading real estate investment company in Hong Kong that was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1971. Cheung Kong expanded by acquiring Hutchison Whampoa and Hongkong Electric Holdings Limited in 1979 and 1985 respectively.

Ports and Electricity

In 1979, Li closed a unique transaction and acquired his current flagship company, Hutchison Whampoa Limited, from HSBC. The purchase created a massive conglomerate with business interests in multiple industries. The most notable branch of his business is the investment in container port facilities around the world, including in Hong Kong, Canada (Deltaport in Vancouver), China, the United Kingdom, Rotterdam, Panama, The Bahamas and many developing countries. In total, Li's businesses handle about 12% of all container port capacity in the world.

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Control of the Panama Canal

[3] [Archived Link] [4] [5]

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Relationship to the Clinton Foundation


Relationship to Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton was instrumental in Ka-shing gaining control over the Panama Canal. It would require an investigation by the US Army's Southern Command to uncover that Clinton was lying when he said the Panamanians would be in control of the canal, rather than Ka-shing's company, Hutchison Whampoa (now called CK Hutchison Holdings).

From the Washington Times in April 2000:[7] [Archived Link]

"It's one more piece of evidence that the Clinton administration was lying about communist Chinese intentions in Panama," Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said.

In January, a three-page report produced by the U.S. Southern Command stated that Hutchison Whampoa "could provide a conduit for illegal shipments of technology or prohibited items from the West to the People's Republic of [[China]], or facilitate the movement of arms and other prohibited items into the Americas."

The Army report is likely to increase the confusion surrounding recent statements by President Clinton about [[China]]'s role in the Panama Canal.

In November, Mr. Clinton told reporters, "I think the Chinese will, in fact, be bending over backwards to make sure that they run it in a competent and able and fair manner."

Relationship to the Panama Canal

From the Washington Times in April 2000:[8] [Archived Link]

Chinese businessman Li Ka-shing was planning to take over operation of the Panama Canal before the pullout last year of the United States, according to a declassified Pentagon intelligence report. The Army intelligence report contradicts statements by President Clinton and Panamanian government officials that the Atlantic and Pacific port facilities leased in Panama by Mr. Li and his Hong Kong-based Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. will have no role in Panama Canal operations. The Army report, from April 22, 1998, contains an article with the headline, "Panama: China Awaits U.S. Departure" and is based on a Defense Intelligence Agency intelligence information report. "According to a DIA Intelligence Information Report, Li Ka-shing, the owner of Hutchison Whampoa Lt. (HW) and Cheung Kong International Holdings Ltd. (CK) is planning to take control of Panama Canal operations when the U.S. transfers it to Panama in December 99," the report from the office of the deputy chief of staff for intelligence states. "Li is directly connected to Beijing and is willing to use his business influence to further the aims of Chinese government," the report states. It is labeled "SECRET/ NOFORN" the latter term meaning no access to the intelligence by foreign nationals.
In January, a three-page report produced by the U.S. Southern Command stated that Hutchison Whampoa "could provide a conduit for illegal shipments of technology or prohibited items from the West to the People's Republic of China, or facilitate the movement of arms and other prohibited items into the Americas."

Connection to Panama Papers

From the South China Morning Post on April 13, 2016 in article by Eddie Lee entitled, The Panama connection: Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing linked with law firm Mossack Fonseca:[9]

Hong Kong’s richest man, Li Ka-shing, is a client of the law firm at the centre of the Panama Papers scandal, and an image of the tycoon’s Hong Kong identity card was found in the firm’s leaked files, according to a media report. The leaked data showed that Cheung Kong Infrastructure, the Cheung Kong group’s infrastructure arm, used Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca ’s Hong Kong office to “organise” a string of related subsidiaries in Panama and the British Virgin Islands, Australian broadcaster ABC reported last week.


The Shipping Industry

Ka-Shing has heavy ties to the shipping industry through his company, CK Hutchison Holdings (formerly known as Hutchison Wampoa), which owns container port facilities all over the world, as mentioned above.

Bitcoin Industry


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  • Wikileaks Public Library of US Diplomacy leaked document, PORT SECURITY: STRENGTHENING THE FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE IN HONG KONG, (discusses how much port traffic Li Ka-shing controls)[12]
  • Needs more reputable source - Links to Chinese Triads [13]