Lt. Col. Michael Aquino

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Michael Aquino
Michael Aquino

Public life[edit]

From Wikipedia's page on The Temple of Set: Born in 1946, Michael Aquino was a military intelligence officer specializing in psychological warfare [1].

In 1969 he joined Anton LaVey's Church of Satan and rose rapidly through the group's ranks [2]

In 1970, while he was serving with the U.S. military during the Vietnam War, Aquino was stationed in Bến Cát in South Vietnam when he authored a tract entitled "Diabolicon" in which he reflected upon his growing divergence from the Church of Satan's doctrines [3].

In this tract, teachings about the creation of the world, God, and humanity are presented, as is the dualistic idea that Satan complements God [4]. The character of Lucifer is presented as bringing insight to human society, [5] a perspective that was inherited from the depiction of Lucifer in John Milton's seventeenth-century epic poem Paradise Lost [6].

Temple of Set and was responsible for getting satanism accepted as an official religion in the military

Aquino co-wrote an article for the military entitled "From PSYOP to Mindwar: The Psychology of Victory," [7] which supported some of the ideas published in "The New Mental Battlefield" [8] , a 1980 Military Review article by likely satanist and mind control specialist, John Alexander. [9]

Max Spiers was reportedly investigating the 1986 Presidio child abuse scandal that involved Lt. Col. Michael Aquino [10]

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