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MZM Inc. was a "high-tech national security firm" based in Washington, D.C founded in 1993.[1]

Government procurement records show that MZM, which Wade started in 1993, did not report any revenue from prime contract awards until 2003. Most of its revenue has come from the agreement the Pentagon just cut off. But over the past three years it was also awarded several contracts, worth more than $600,000, by the Executive Office of the President. They include a $140,000 deal for office furniture in 2002 and several for unspecified "intelligence services." 

Source: Washington Post

Wade founded the defense contracting firm MZM Inc. (since renamed Athena Innovative Solutions Inc.), in 1993. On February 24, 2006, he pleaded guilty to paying then Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R. Calif.) more than $1 million in bribes in exchange for millions more in government contracts. Wade was one of four co-conspirators mentioned in Cunningham's plea agreement of November 28, 2005

Source: Wikipedia(archived version) and more at Washington Post

MZM, Inc. would later become Athena Innovative Solutions, Inc. in 2005 after being sold to Veritas Capital, the company who also owned DynCorp at the time.[2]

Persons of interest include:

Mitchell J. Wade, who initially founded MZM, Inc. in 1993 and had to sell the company to Veritas Capital in 2005.Washington Post Despite stepping down as CEO of MZM, Mitchell J. Wade would remain treasurer of The Sure Foundation until at least 2008.

Christiane S. Wade, wife of Mitchell J. Wade was the acting President Emeritus of The Sure Foundation at least until 2008 after Mitchell J. Wade was forced to sell MZM to Veritas Capital.

Lt. Gen. James C. King, President and CEO of Athena Innovative Solutions[3] and MZM[4] during the time in which they were owned by Veritas Capital in 2005. During this time James C. King was also the Director of a global orphanage called The Sure Foundation.[5]

Major General Bernard "Burn" Loeffke was also Director of The Sure Foundation as well as an executive of Athena Innovative Solutions while they were owned by Veritas Capital.[6]

#Pizzagate findings

Purchase by Veritas Capital and merging with Athena Innovative Solutions, Inc.

On September 30, 2005, Veritas Capital, "a leading private equity firm focused on the defense and federal sectors," announced[7] that it had "completed the previously announced agreement to purchase selected assets of MZM, Inc."

MZM, Inc. was then merged with Athena Innovative Solutions, Inc., a defense firm founded in 2002.[8]

Under the leadership and control of Veritas, Athena will continue to provide a broad array of services to the national security community. Veritas and Athena will retain MZM Inc.'s employees ... James C. King will serve as the President and Chief Executive Officer for Athena.

Source: Yahoo! Business

Without ever having officially earned a government contract Athena Innovative Solutions was then purchased by CACI International on October 31st, 2007.[9] Athena Innovative Solutions would claim in 2006, however, that "Athena is proud to be at the forefront of the war on terrorism, assisting the United States with fighting terrorism and preventing further attacks on our homeland."[10]

Further discrepancies appear when one looks into government contracts awarded to MZM and Athena Innovative Solutions. For instance, MZM continued to be awarded five contracts for the next five years following the alleged merger.[11] Athena Innovative Solutions also only ever receives one contract for $39,000 after the merger, and that would have been after they were purchased by CACI.[12]

According to the Washington Post Athena Innovative Solutions did not exist until 2005, but multiple sources can be found describing Athena Innovative Solutions having existed since 2002.[13]

The Sure Foundation's work with orphans around the world

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Connection to the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)

Major General Bernard "Burn" Loeffke of MZM is discussed in depth in documents released by the CIA.[14] This document reveals Loeffke was also a White House Fellow in 1970 to 1971 and at the time was assigned to Dr. Henry Kissinger's National Security Council staff.

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