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Mr. Ludner Remarais, Ing., Director General of the Haitian Bureau of Mines and Energy (BME) announced that the Haitian Government awarded 2 mining exploitation permits in Haiti [gold and copper] to the Haitian company Société Minière du Nord-Est SA (SOMINE SA) [company partner of Majescor Resources Inc. (Majescor) and its wholly owned subsidiary SIMACT Alliance Copper-Gold Inc. (SACG)], represented by Mr. Michel Lamarre, Ing., President of SOMINE SA, and by Mr. Daniel Hachey, Director of SOMINE SA and President and CEO of Majescor and SACG. This is the first time since 1976 [36 years] that mining exploitation permits are awarded in Haiti.[1]

Key figures

  • Daniel F. Hachey-President, CEO, and Director at time of Haiti Disaster and deal
  • C. Tucker Barrie— Largest Shareholder???
  • &Andre D Audet-Current Interim CEO- Was CEO of SIMACT Alliance Copper Gold Inc.
  • Sabino Di Paola-Current CFO

Connection to M Partners Inc.

M Partners Inc bought Majescor shares for 2 million at $0.25 a share. 1/10 of market value at time; seems to be standard price for insiders?[2]

Key figures

  • Thomas Kofman- Was chairman during Haiti disaster- M. Partners Inc.
  • Steven Isenberg
  • Michael Krestell

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