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  • (victim) TOOS NIJENHUIS - Zwolle, Holland (Netherlands) [1]
- Victims speaking out

  • 19July1998 [2] "ring of traders in child pornography whose images of abuse of even babies and infants were peddled via the Internet and other media to clients in Europe, Russia and the United States"... "found out about the ring after one of its members was killed several weeks ago, apparently by a rival" ... "ring operated from a small Dutch town, Zandvoort, and from Berlin"... "police said they had also found voluminous records of what appear to be clients and suppliers from countries including Israel, Ukraine, Britain, Russia and the United States. They say they believe that some of the photographed children are from Eastern Europe, while some of the short films were made on the Portuguese island of Madeira"... "Investigators said they found the material in June, in an apartment whose owner had been found dead in Italy" ... etc
  • 27Nov2000 [3] - (TheGuardian) When sex abuse can lead to murder - Award-winning journalist Nick Davies concludes a series looking at the evils of paedophilia by confronting the grim mysteries of snuff movies. Today: The Amsterdam connection

Connection to Marina Abramovic

was pictured with the Dutch Queen Beatrix

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