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New Hope Academy is located at 7009 Varnum Street in Hyattsville, Maryland. It is a private international high school which accepts students from all around the world.[1] The academy has a branch operation in Haiti and promotes a scholarship program, of sorts, called the Gambia Project, or, in partnership with Women’s Federation for World Peace, which it notes, “greatly helps with facilitating this program”.

Relation to #Pizzagate

Connections to the United Nations and the Unification Church

The religious affiliation of the founders of the school, 12 mothers from the same church - is the Unification Church, but it is not a church school and no religion classes are offered. Nevertheless, the Unification Church (and its founder Sun Myung Moon) is controversial.

Source: Wikipedia The Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFFWP) is headed by Mrs Hak Ja Han Moon, the wife of deceased Rev Moon of the Unification Church. The New Hope/Hope Academies are funded by the United Nations through the WFFWP. WFFWP is described on an academy website as an, "NGO, (non-government organization), in general consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the UN." The Unification Church has known ties to Washington, intelligence agencies around the world as well as convicted pedophile, former Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert. Here’s a picture of George and Barbara Bush with Mrs. Moon taken from the New Hope Website for the Solomon Islands:

Mysterious addresses connected to New Hope Academy

Finns Lane in Lanham, Maryland is where the now-deceased business manager of the academy, Joseph T Scheve lived. 7292 Finns Lane, Lanham, MD 20706 which is listed as the residential address of one Joseph T Scheve, Business Manager of the New Hope Educational Institute Inc and Nellie Hubbard (wife/divorced). Note how 40 residents are listed at neighbouring property, 7308 Finns Lane. Next door, 28 residents and so on. Again, these are single family residences.

Voat users have also discovered a unique connection between Finn's Lane and a controversial government building. Finn's Lane exits into one Harkins Road, where an IRS office showcases unorthodox art and design which reflect occult symbolism and a negative attitude towards civil rights.[2]

Connection to James Achilles Alefantis

The ‘Estate of Joseph T Scheve’ and ‘Nellie T Hubbard’ are both listed as parties on publicly available court documents involved in the transfer of the property known as "Pegasus Museum", at 3518 11 St NW Washington DC, to James Alefantis. Castellum Alefantis LLC (James Alefantis) borrowed to purchase the property at 3518 11St, NW Washington DC (otherwise now known as ‘Pegasus Museum’) from the Estate of Joseph T Scheve.[3](archived version) Nellie T Hubbard is listed as Trustee of the Estate.

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