New Life Children's Refuge

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Acronym: NCLR



  • 1999 - Silsby and James Hammons founded an internet company called 'Personal Shopper'


  • Nov2009 - New Life Children’s Refuge (NLCR) was founded in November 2009 by Laura Silsby (now Silsby-Gayler) and Charisa Coulter, who are both members of the Central Valley Baptist Church in Meridian, Idaho


  • 12Jan2010 - Haiti earthquake
  • 25Jan2010 - the missionaries arrived in Haiti
  • 29Jan2010 - group of ten American Baptist missionaries (NLCR) from Idaho were arrested while attempting to cross the Haiti - Dominican Republic border with 33 Haitian children, most of whom were not orphans and had families
  • 4Feb2010 - the ten Baptists were formally charged with criminal association and kidnapping for trying to smuggle 33 children out of Haiti
  • 17Feb2010 - eight of the ten members of the NLCR team were released by Haitian judge Bernard Saint-Vil
  • March2010 - Silsby's attorney in these cases filed a motion to withdraw as her counsel
  • 8March2010 - Coulter was also released, but Silsby remained incarcerated
  • 13May2010 - Laura Silsby went to trial and the charges had been reduced to "arranging irregular travel" and the prosecution sought a 6-month prison term arguing that Silsby was fully aware that she did not have proper authorization to take the children out of the country.
  • 17May2010 - Laura Silsby was found guilty and sentenced to the time served in jail prior to the trial


  • June2011 - Jorge Puello was sentenced to 37 months of prison in the US


- possible to get the documents/names of the contributors to this 'charity'? - did the other 8 NLCR people get immunity deals? - does Haiti have FOIA request to be able to aquire the police interviews? - Silsby-Gayer have a full court criminal, or small civil trial? - can we aquire the trial documents?

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