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Public life

Oliver Miller is the owner of Dr. Pong, a restaurant in Berlin, Germany with nearly identical themes to Comet Ping Pong. They are listed on the "Friends" page of the Comet website.

Role at #Pizzagate

Washington D.C. research project for DuPont Underground system 2012

Funders and Supporters page 85: http://www.academia.edu/5739435/Parks_and_Passages

"Comet Ping Pong" "Open Society Foundation (George Soros)"

Appendix to the underground D.C./ Berlin research paper by James HUCKENPAHLER: http://archive.li/xC6VZ

Last page (314)

"Thanks to Oliver Miller, AKA Dr. Pong for hosptality in Berlin, and, James Alefantis for patronage above and..."



Relation with #Pizzagate

In July of 2012 the Comet Ping Pong tumblr page posted a picture of Oliver Miller next to James Huckenpahler at a construction site outside of Nalu Diner with the title "secret plans..."[1] This sparked suspicions that Oliver Miller was working on an underground tunnel.


Personal assets

Dr. Pong | Nalu Diner