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Public life

Oliver Miller is the owner of Dr. Pong, a restaurant in Berlin, Germany with nearly identical themes to Comet Ping Pong. They are listed on the "Friends" page of the Comet website.

Role at #Pizzagate

- (Page 3) "Support is provided by Gaea Foundation, Andy Warhol Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Nathan Cummings Foundation, Lambent Foundation, CrossCurrents Foundation, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Cafritz Foundation, and George Mason University."
- (page 5) "(Chapter) 5. METAMONUMENT - (by) James Huckenpahler .. (page) 69" [2] (part/chapter 2 of the Metamonument section - entitled 'The New Corcoran' (connected to (?): Corcoran School of the Arts within George Washington University)
- (page 10) "Today the tunnels are mostly forgotten, instead existing primarily as an inactive chamber that is only accessible by a small, nondescript door, reached by following a narrow sidewalk on the Connecticut Avenue underpass."
- (Page 85) "FUNDERS AND SUPPORTERS - George Mason University School of Art Andy Warhol Foundation Nathan Cummings Foundation Open Society Foundations Comet Ping Pong BeBerlin German Historical Institute"
- (page 84) "James Huckenpahler - Artist, DC Historian - James Huckenpahler does not usually read the software manuals when making images on his laptop. He is represented in Washington D.C. by Hemphill Fine Arts and currently serves on the advisory board of Transformer D.C., non-profit, artist-centered organization that connects and promotes emerging artists locally, nationally and internationally. His current work-in-progress, “Skull Rock,” is an illustrated history of the capital city. [3]"
- (Page 85) "COUNCIL - Wilfried Eckstein (Executive Director, Goethe-Institut Washington), Steve Colemen (Executive Director, Washington Parks and People), Jane Freundel Levey (Cultural Tourism D.C.), Lyonel Lynch (Principal, HR&A Associates), Shiloh Krupar ( Assistant Professor of Experimental Geography, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University), Stanley Hallet (Professor, School of Architecture, Catholic University)"
- Appendix to the underground D.C./ Berlin research paper by James Huckenpahler: [4] - Last page (314 of section/chapter 5 Metamonument [5]) - "Thanks to: Don Russell, Stephanie Sherman and Lucy Burnett at Provisions Library for giving me this opportinity to get out of the house and stir up some international trouble, Edgar Endress, Paul Farber, and Pam Jordan for sharing food, ideas and adventures on two continents, Steve Coleman at Washington Parks & People for an amazing walking tour to ‘the Valley of the Lost,” Rod Diaz and family for the Paris France safe house, Oliver Miller, AKA Dr. Pong for hosptality in Berlin Germany,and, James Achilles Alefantis for patronage above and beyond..."



See Also

  • if Oliver Miller is aka Dr Pong - is there a person with an alias of Mr/Dr/Ms Ping?

Relation with #Pizzagate

In July of 2012 the Comet Ping Pong tumblr page posted a picture of Oliver Miller next to James Huckenpahler at a construction site outside of Nalu Diner with the title "secret plans..."[8] This sparked suspicions that Oliver Miller was working on an underground tunnel.


Personal assets

Dr. Pong | Nalu Diner