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  • Disappearance of Madeleine McCann: See section Origin of the EFit images. Who was Kevin Halligen working for? What aliases was he using.
  • Any evidence that Eric Braverman, former CEO of the Clinton Foundation, is still alive post mid-October 2016.
  • Raffaello Follieri - was involved in the selling off of Catholic Church properties to pay for the pedophile-priest cases. Tight with Bill Clinton's inner circle and took a real interest in the Clinton Foundation. Was arrested on fraud and money laundering charges. Might be something here. Vanity Fair Article that goes in depth from 2008
  • Is S & H Global, S.A, the Korean company at the Caracol Industrial Complex, a front for human trafficking? Though no direct link, article saying that Chinese and Koreans being trafficked are being held at nearby in Fort Liberte (which is very close to the Caracol Complex and was intended to be it's port).
  • Information regarding Steve Bing, Euna Lee and Laura Ling need to be incorporated into the Wiki. See this link.
  • Companies that provide ingredients and supplies to pizzerias in the DC area specifically, and the New England region generally.
  • List of Summer and year round Camps for handicapped kids and Boys Ranches for at-risk teens.

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