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Editor's Note

The existence of "Operation Brownstone" and "Brownstone operations" is not yet officially recognized as operating procedures of the U.S. government. This topic is considered by many to be purely speculation as it is largely based on circumstantial and anecdotal evidence, but there have been many requests to address this particular topic here on this site. Some of the witness testimony from Jeffrey Epstein victim, Virginia Roberts, and the Palm Beach Police Department resembles such an operation. We will discuss what we know based on what few sources exist that seem to support that such operations indeed existed and have taken place.


Operation Brownstone, also known as a "Brownstone operation," is a reference to a theory that intelligence agencies, such as the CIA and FBI, engage in utilizing underage individuals for prostitution purposes with high profile targets, for the purposes of being able to blackmail those high profile individuals later. Generally, the incidents are recorded via videotape and the underage victims are debriefed after the encounter.

Origin of the term "Operation Brownstone"

For clarity, here is a basic definition for the term "brownstone."

From Wikipedia:[3]

Brownstone is a brown Triassic-Jurassic sandstone which was once a popular building material. The term is also used in the United States to refer to a townhouse clad in this material.

In the late 1980's, Representative Barney Frank admitted that his former partner, Stephen Gobie, ran a prostitution ring out of his apartment, in the base of a brownstone in Washington, DC. However, Frank denied all knowledge of Gobie's activities and said he kicked Gobie out when he learned the truth.[4] A brief video summary is available on YouTube.

The speculative element is that Frank knew of the prostitution ring that ran out of his apartment and that the ring involved sex with minors, with recordings of the illicit activities to be used later for blackmail purposes. It is unclear what individual first used the term "Operation Brownstone" - perhaps former FBI Agent Ted Gunderson who spoke frequently on this scandal - but the term referred to these alleged blackmail operations that took place specifically at the brownstone which housed Frank's apartment.

The Barney Frank scandal would be part of two other individual, but heavily interconnected, scandals: The DC Call Boy Scandal and the Franklin Scandal.

The DC Call Boy Scandal and the downfall of Craig J. Spence

Here is Tom Brokaw discussing this scandal, accessible via YouTube:[5]

In 1989 a major scandal implicated high level government officials of the Bush and Regan administrations in a sex trafficking ring based in Washington D.C. Eventually, lobbyist Craig J. Spence would be pinned with most of the crimes, his life and career would be ruined and he would eventually be found dead of mysterious circumstances. [6] (archive.is)

One of the men arrested was Craig J. Spence, he feared for his life as he allegedly knew some very dark secret about George H. W. Bush. He said he was afraid that the CIA would kill him and make it look like a suicide. He died in mysterious circumstances in a hotel room; coroners said the cause of death was suicide.

Source: Neon Nettle (archive.is)

Spence entered a downward spiral in the wake of the Washington Times exposé, increasingly involving himself with call boys and crack, and culminating in his July 31, 1989 arrest at the Barbizon Hotel on East 63rd St in Manhattan for criminal possession of a firearm and criminal possession of cocaine.
Months after the scandal had died down, and a few weeks before Spence was found in a room of the Boston Ritz-Carlton Hotel, he was asked who had given him the "key" to the White House. Michael Hedges and Jerry Seper of The Washington Times reported that "Mr. Spence hinted the tours were arranged by 'top level' persons", including Donald Gregg, national security adviser to Vice President George H. W. Bush at the time the tours were given.
When pressed to identify who it was who got him inside the White House, Spence asked "Who was it who got [long-term CIA operative] Félix Rodríguez in to see Bush?", agreeing that he was alluding to Mr. Gregg.

Source: Wikipedia page on Craig J. Spence (archive.is)

The Washington Post would later note that the exposing of this information, while it indeed implicated high ranking officials, did not yield much in terms of actual effect and remained largely obscured to the public.[7] (archive.is)

More information

Discussion of Jeffrey Epstein as a Brownstone Operation

Sex offender Jeffrey Epstein
Sex offender Jeffrey Epstein

Sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, who had close ties to Bill Clinton and many of Clinton's associates, followed a similar pattern of entrapment with VIPs using minors. Epstein had video cameras setup in his Palm Beach home allegedly for the purpose of blackmailing important individuals after those individuals engaged in illicit activities with underage girls.

On October 9th, 2016, the New York Post reported:[8]

In a 2006 court filing, Palm Beach police noted that a search of Epstein’s home uncovered two hidden cameras. The Mirror reported that in 2015, a 6-year-old civil lawsuit filed by “Jane Doe No. 3,” believed to be the now-married [Virginia Roberts] Giuffre, alleged that Epstein wired his mansion with hidden cameras, secretly recording orgies involving his prominent friends and underage girls. The ultimate purpose: blackmail, according to court papers.

“Jane Doe No. 3” also alleged that she had been forced to have sex with “numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, a well-known prime minister, and other world leaders.”
“We uncovered a lot of details about the police investigation and a lot about the girls, what happened to them, the effect on their lives,” [author James] Patterson says.

Oddly, similar searches by police or other officials were never done in Epstein's other properties, which are located in New Mexico, New York, France, and the US Virgin Islands - particularly as Epstein's Palm Beach home was filled with incriminating evidence, including photos of his underage victims in the nude.[9]

It is also worth noting that Epstein has a dentist's cart in the Palm Beach home.[10] While there is no definitive reason why, one could speculate that it allowed Epstein or others to install in his victims audio recording devices in their molars before they were presented to high profile targets. The existence of such audio devices has been known to the public since at least 2002.[11]

Additional Alleged Brownstone Operations

1993 APEC Conference

This story regarding an alleged Brownstone Operation was reported in Insight Magazine. According to Wikipedia, Insight Magazine was an American conservative print and online news magazine, owned by parent company News World Communications, which was founded by Sun Myung Moon and that also owns the Washington Times.[12] As discussed above, the Washington Times was responsible for breaking many of the stories that formed the basis of these scandals. It is also worth noting that journalist Kelly Patricia O'Meara interviewed Ben Johnston for Insight Magazine in relation to the DynCorp child sex trafficking scandal.

No copy of this particular issue of Insight Magazine is readily available, other than the transcription provided by website, What Really Happened.

The Insight Magazine article was titled Snoops, Sex and Videotape, by Timothy W. Maier, published in Washington, D.C. on Sept. 29, 1997, in Vol. 13, No. 36. It at one point was available on Insightmag.com - a website which is now defunct.

According to the article: [13] (archive.is)

Intelligence sources say Clinton ordered bugging of his summit guests and that information obtained on international deals was provided through cutouts to enrich corporate friends of the DNC (Democratic National Committee). It comes as no surprise to national-security specialists -- except in the magnitude of the operation -- that the FBI and other U.S. intelligence agencies conducted a sweeping electronic-espionage mission in the fall of 1993 during a summit meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, or APEC, meeting in Seattle hosted by President Clinton.

The surveillance also included filming the use of underage boys with foreign diplomats, presumably for blackmail purposes: [14]

But what does come as a surprise is an apparent failure by federal law-enforcement and intelligence authorities to pursue allegations of kickbacks to FBI agents involved in the sweeping intelligence operation and separate allegations involving underage boys provided as prostitutes to visiting dignitaries attending the weeklong November conference of 15 Asia-Pacific nations.

One reason for the alleged coverup -- and that may be the only term appropriate, according to high officials in and out of government who claim direct and indirect knowledge of the APEC bugging -- is that those said to have engaged in kickbacks involving thousands of dollars include FBI agents through suppliers with whom they worked to procure electronic audio- and video-surveillance equipment.

As for the allegations of juvenile prostitution, sources who spoke to Insight on the condition they not be further identified say the reason these "crimes" were not pursued is that probe would have exposed the Top Secret national-security operation.

Additionally: [15]

But to start, federal investigators will have to secure copies of reported audio- and video-surveillance tapes secured by the FBI while monitoring downtown Seattle hotels in which visiting dignitaries stayed during the conclave. These tapes were collected in "real time" by surreptitious devices placed in private rooms of APEC officials. In one series of tapes, they show underage boys engaging in sexcapades with men in several rooms over a period of days.

Author Timothy W. Maier

As some will question the veracity of the article, we provide the biography of the author, Timothy W. Maier. From an archived copy of the Insight Magazine website: [16]

Timothy W. Maier: Here is one of the snarliest investigative reporters you could find in any newsroom. A reporter with years of experience exposing corruption and fraud and an expert in law-enforcement and judicial matters, Tim has befuddled and dazzled the Washington elite with investigative reports ranging from secret FBI files on the shooting of former Gov. George Wallace to the shameful conduct by the State and Justice Departments in not forcing foreign countries to return abducted American children. His stories on China and international kidnapping of children have launched state and federal probes, and his work on what's behind the military's anthrax inoculation program has generated considerable public attention and congressional probes in the House and the Senate. Tim's quiet demeanor disarms even the meanest political thug until it's too late -- they're caught for all the world to see in the pages of Insight. A member of the congressional press galleries and Investigative Reporters & Editors, he's a frequent guest on national and local radio shows as well as national television.

The Dutroux Affair as a Brownstone Operation

The Dutroux Affair also had elements of sexual blackmail of high-level VIPs who engaged in illicit activities with minors. According to the New York Times, investigator Jean-Marc Connerotte was dismissed for simply accepting a free dinner - right as "Jean-Marc Connerotte was on the verge of disclosing the names of senior government officials who had been recognized on confiscated videotapes, and during allegations of a high-level cover-up."[17] Furthermore, victim Regina Louf told investigators and reporter Olenka Frenkiel that she was taken "away for weekends to sex parties where she was 'given' to other men and secretly filmed having sex with them. 'It was highly organised,' she says. 'Big business. Blackmail. There was a lot of money involved.'"[18]

#Pizzagate findings

Connection to George Herbert Walker Bush and the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)

Originally titled, "Did George HW Bush Really Run a Child Prostitution Ring in the 80's?" (archive.is)

Connection to Barney Frank

As discussed above, it is speculated that sexual blackmail intelligence operations which utilized minors were run out of Barney Frank's apartment in a brownstone.

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