Ordo Templi Orientis

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OTO aka Order of Oriental Templars

  • (website) The Ordo Templi Orientis Phenomenon - A research project done by Peter-Robert Koenig [1]
  • 22November2006 [2] - 'Cult' fights claims of child sacrifice
- "...ANTI-CHILD-SEX campaigner accused an occult religious group of hosting parties at which naked children acted as waiters and at which members had sex with and murdered children" ... "satanic cult that sacrificed children and ate their organs and blood" ... "Dr Reina Michaelson said it was not a religion but a child pornography and pedophile ring, that its members practised trauma-based mind control, sexual abuse and satanic rituals to discourage its victims from complaining to the authorities, and that it condoned kidnapping street children and babies and children from orphanages for sex and sacrifice in religious rituals" ... "to today to allow a last-ditch attempt to settle out of court" ... "article, still accessible on a website run from NSW, suggests senior politicians and television celebrities are part of a top-level pedophile ring and have been protected by some police" ... "Dr Reina Michaelson last year called for a royal commission to investigate her claims that Victoria Police did not properly investigate pedophile ring allegations" ... "OTO members follow a religion known as Thelema, founded by occultist Aleister Crowley"



  • 15April2013 [3] - Peaches Geldof has signed up to Aleister Crowley 's sex cult OTO
  • 15April2013 [4] - Peaches and the religious cult with a very dark past: Geldof uses Twitter account to urge followers to learn about Order of Oriental Templars

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