Orphanages and/or Childrens' Homes

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other important terms: orphanage tourism, volunteer tourism,

Friends of the Orphans and New Life Children's Refuge in Haiti

DynCorp, MZM (Athena Innovative Solutions), The Sure Foundation

  • The Sure Foundation has listed countries in which they would engage in orphanage projects, which many researchers have noted as peculiar
- in Haiti?

Franklin Scandal


  • the charity EveryChild has had three separate names over the decades: The Romanian Orphanage Trust (1990-1997), The European Children’s Trust (1997-2001), and EveryChild (2001-Present).

Kincora Boys' Home in Northern Ireland

Casa Pia in Portugal


  • Elpida, Greek for "hope" was founded by Ahmed Kahn and Frank Giustra, owner of the Radcliffe Foundation, as a joint project that aims to give shelter to refugees and orphan refugees in Greece, with room for 800 people, in cooperation with the Greek Ministry of Migration in the humanitarian crisis


  • 27May2009 [1] - Protecting children from orphan-dealers
- "...The recent rape of an eight-month-old boy in an orphanage in the Ghanaian capital Accra revealed conditions that child rights advocates say are rampant across West African orphanages. When the authorities investigated the incident they discovered 27 of the 32 children living in the home were not orphans..."
  • 30July2013 [2] - Orphanage volunteering 'part of the problem'
  • 6Sept2013 [3] - What did BA (British Airways) know about its paedophile pilot? Disturbing questions about the sex offender who is feared to have abused hundreds of children - Simon Wood, 54, feared to be one of UK's most prolific sex offenders - Investigators in Africa fear that there could be hundreds of victims
- "...And it was there that Wood would devote any downtime he had to charitable work, his efforts focused on orphanages and schools that provided help to the most needy — children with HIV or those living in the slums...With a child at the Nyumbani Children's Home for kids infected with HIV...Between 1988 and 2000 he volunteered for the charity Diabetes UK, attending its annual summer camp for youngsters. He would arrive there by helicopter, taking guests on pleasure flights...In December 2003 Wood’s involvement deepened when he was made a director of Nyumbani UK...Wood was also heavily involved with another orphanage in Nairobi called Tulia Kidzone..."
  • 2Jan2014 [4] - Cambodia: child protection workers call for end to ‘orphanage tourism’ - Volunteers and visitors urged to stay away, saying their growing presence damages children and allows exploitation
  • 15Dec2015 [5] - 7 Reasons Why Your Two Week Trip To Haiti Doesn’t Matter: Calling Bull on “Service Trips” and Voluntourism
  • 4May2016 [6] - I Volunteered At An Orphanage, And Now I Campaign Against It
  • 19May2016 [7] - Universities have a duty to stop promoting orphanage volunteering
  • 29May2016 [8] - 'Orphanage tourism': fears of child exploitation boom as Myanmar opens up - As more foreigners visit the country, institutions that exploit children for money and also abuse are becoming more widespread, UNICEF says
  • 28Sept2016 [9] - (Publication) Orphanage Entrepreneurs: The Trafficking of Haiti’s Invisible Children
  • 23June2017 [10] - Haiti orphanages hotspot of child trafficking, abuse, says charity
  • 14July2017 [11] - Charities and voluntourism fuelling 'orphanage crisis' in Haiti, says NGO - Charitable donations and volunteers from abroad are supporting Haitian orphanages where children are vulnerable to abuse, a report finds

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