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Released November 22 2007, this visually explosive FBI document reveals the secret symbols organized pedophiles use to recognize each other, sometimes a variation.[1] Wikileaks has verified the document, as have law enforcement officials interviewed by[2]

FBI-pedophile-symbols-page1.jpg Fbidocumentonsymbols2.jpg

The entire Unclassified FBI Bulletin on WikiLeaks, "Symbols and Logos Used by Pedophiles to Identify Sexual Preferences".

Media Recognition

NY Times Article

The NY Times recognized the use of these symbols in their article, On the Web, Pedophiles Extend Their Reach, by Kurt Eichenwald, published on August 21st, 2006 (before even the FBI Memo above was released):[3]

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NBC Affiliate Report

Mainstream journalistic outlets like NBC have recognized the use of these pedophile symbols in reporting that predates the leak of Podesta's emails (which started the Pizzagate investigation). In March 10th of 2016, NBC did a piece entitled, Code for pedophiles ends up on children’s toys, which pointed out that a pedophile symbol (specifically the "heart-in-heart" symbol for girl lover) ended up on a children's toy.[4][Archived Version] This piece was investigated was by who found that the reporting was only false in regards to the symbol posing an immediate danger to children, but that law enforcement did recognize the symbol as one they link to pedophilia.[5]



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Law and Order SVU Episode


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Speculation exists about some words that were found out of context in certain leaked Wikileaks emails. [8]

little girl

cheese pizza
child pornography

young boy

chicken hawk / chicken lover
Men that love little boys

teenage girl pedophile wants to have sex with
Lollipop / Lolli
Pre-pubescent girl
Animated Child porn featuring pre-pubescent girls

semen/minor attracted person

little boy




  • James Alefantis can be pronounced as closely similar to 'j'aime les enfants' (French for 'I love children'). When attempted it is near possible to create an anagram of that phrase with the letters of his name, resulting in 'J'aime les afants'.
  • 'ping pong' counted as one word, abbreviates Comet Ping Pong to C.P., which is the same abbreviation as 'child pornography' or 'cheese pizza', a pedophile code.
  • Comet Ping Pong has a neon sign decorated with stars and moons, similar to the classic depiction of the demon Baphomet, often worshiped by cultists and satanists.
  • Performers like Heavy Breathing (Majestic Ape), Marina Abramovic, often seen in Comet Ping Pong are surrounded with playful depictions of cruelty and abuse such as beheading, cannibalism, practices of the occult, and pedophilia.
  • James Alefantis production "Automatic at See" mentioned "secret pizza" in the synopsis prior to edits[9], and so did Majestic Ape in a meeting in Alefantis owned club Comet Ping Pong.[10] The meaning remains obscure to outsiders.


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