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Before Pizzagate

1994: OK Boys Ranch (Kiwanis Club)- Olympia, Washington (Source: Seattle Times)

May 16, 1977 "Delta Project" Chicago, Illinois is found to be center of national child porn ring

Jun 24, 1987 Head of the United Nations's Children's fund in Belgium resigns after linked to child porn ring

Apr 13, 1989 Ex-boyscout leader and ex-priest charged in child porn ring

Mar 3, 1991 3 men charged for creating hundreds of child porn videotapes and abducting children

Jul 17, 1996 16 worldwide indicted on child porn charges

Sep 3, 1998 44 suspects worldwide arrested for child pornography ring

Aug 12, 1999 15 charged for family run, multi-state child prostitution ring, 27 minors recovered

Oct 27, 2000 1500 child porn users tracked worldwide

Jan 10, 2001 "Operation Cathedral" More than 100 involved in child porn ring arrested in UK

May 26, 2001 "Operation Blue Orchid" 4 Americans and 5 Russians arrested in child porn investigation

Aug 8, 2001 "Operation Avalanche" 100 arrested in child porn bust in Texas

Aug 9, 2002 "Operation Hamlet" 20 arrested in international ring headquartered in Fresno, California 45 victims identified. 1 million child porn images seized

Feb 9, 2004 6 men charged in Illinois child porn ring

April 5, 2006 DHS official arrested in child sex sting

2007Operation Flicker” 264 pentagon employees implicated in child porn ring of 5,200 people

May 17, 2007 Six east coast men charged in child sex trafficking scheme

Jun 18, 2007 10 involved in child porn ring arrested in Delaware

Jun 23, 2008 "Operation Cross Country" 21 children rescued, 356 arrested for child prostitution

Oct 1, 2008 121 involved in child porn ring arrested in Spain

Oct 27, 2008 "Operation Cross Country II" 47 kids rescued from prostitution, 642 arrests

Feb 9, 2009Operation Joint Hammer" 170 arrested in ongoing international child porn investigation

Feb 23, 2009 "Operation Cross Country III" 48 Children recovered, 571 arrested for child prostitution

Aug 31, 2009 "Operation Twisted Traveller" 3 'child sex tourists' arrested in Cambodia

Oct 26, 2009 "Operation Cross Country IV" 700 arrested, 52 children recovered from child prostitution

Sep 3, 2010 Portuguese politicians among 6 found guilty of preying on children in state-run orphanages

Jul 2, 2010 ”'Operation Nest Egg" 50 people arrested, 38 convicted on child sex abuse in ongoing investigation

Nov 9, 2010 "Operation Cross Country V" 69 children rescued from child prostitution

Mar 16, 2011 "Operation Rescue" British police expose 70,000 members of a pedophile network, save 230 children, arrest 184 worldwide

Jul 7, 2011 Child pornography found on Assistant U.S. Attorney's computer

Aug 3, 2011 "Operation Delego" 72 arrested for child pornography distribution and creation throughout 10 countries

Nov 11, 2011 After his death, Jimmy Savile found to have abused more than 500 children

Jun 25, 2012 "Operation Cross Country VI" 79 children recovered, 100 pimps arrested for child trafficking

Jan 3, 2013Operation Sunflower" More than 200 people arrested in international child porn ring, 123 victims identified

Jul 19, 2013 "Operation Cross Country VII" 105 children recovered, 152 pimps arrested for child trafficking

Nov2013 - Operation Sweetie - Virtual girl ‘Sweetie’ catches thousands of paedophiles

Nov 14, 2013 "Project Spade" 348 child porn arrests made worldwide, 386 kids rescued, 45 terabytes of child porn seized

Dec 3, 2013 D.C. police officer charged with producing child porn

Dec 11, 2013 Washington D.C. police officer accused of producing child porn on duty found dead

Dec 11, 2013 2 D.C. cops accused of "pimping teens"

Mar 19, 2014 "Operation Round Table" 14 arrested for sexually exploiting over 250 children nationwide + 5 foreign countries

May 21, 2014 "Operation Caireen" Rabbi, nurse, police officer among 70 In massive sweep - in New York

June 20, 2014 D.C. police officer admits prostituting girls

June 23, 2014 "Operation Cross Country VIII" FBI recovers 168 children and arrested 281 pimps from sex-trafficking rings across the U.S.

Jul 5, 2014 At least 40 UK politicians complicit in alleged Westminster 'pedophile ring' – report

Jul 24, 2014 "Operation Predator Alert" Total of 28 charged in ongoing child pornography investigation

Oct 16, 2014 "Operation Darknet" 55 arrested in child porn ring, including teachers, priests, and at least one member of the military

Oct 30, 2014 11 people involved in international child porn ring sentenced to prison

May 6, 2015 "Project Hydra" 41 arrested in Ontario Canada child porn ring

May 20, 2015 "Operation Hydrant" British celebrities and politicians among over 1,400 suspected in child-sex-abuse scandal

Jun 3, 2015 "Operation: L and P" 101 people arrested in sex predator sting including Disney World employee

Jul 24, 2015 Philly Pennsylvania restauranteur arrested and charged in child porn scheme

Oct 14, 2015 "Operation Cross Country IX" 149 children recovered, 153 pimps arrested for child sex trafficking

Oct 17, 2015 81 people involved with child pornography ring arrested in Spain

Jan 5, 2016 "Operation Torpedo" rescues 6 children and sentences 19 to prison in nationwide investigation

Jan 7, 2016 "Operation Kingdom Conqueror" 21 involved in nationwide child porn ring arrested

Jan 27, 2016 "Operation Malaise" 12 arrested involved in child porn ring in Canada

Apr 6, 2016 "Operation Safeguard" Teacher & school bus driver among 16 arrested in New Jersey child porn sweep

Apr 10 2016 "Operation Pacifier" 135 people in 18 states arrested on child pornography charges

Apr 28, 2016 80 people charged in Canadian child porn ring, 870 victims in Ontario, Canada another 173 internationally

April 29, 2016 Former Speaker of the House of Representatives Dennis Hastert 'serial child molester' sentenced to 15 months in prison

May 5, 2016 "Operation Wild Fire" 5 arrested in child prostitution sting

May 10, 2016 "Operation Subterfuge" 9 arrested in Tennessee child porn ring. 300 US victims, 1600 worldwide

May 20, 2016Operation Someone Like Me" 2 ministers and 30 others arrested for child prostitution and trafficking

Jun 7, 2016 7 arrested for child prostitution in Aurora Colorado

Jun 22, 2016 19 involved in child porn and solicitation arrested in Texas

Jul 4, 2016 "Operation No Borders" 79 arrested involved in international child porn ring

Jul 7, 2016 "Operation Broken Heart" More than 1,300 suspected child sexual predators arrested nationwide

Jul 11, 2016 13 arrested in Spokane, Washington child sex abuse sting

Aug 11, 2016Operation Baby Face" 50 children rescued from trafficking in California

Aug 18, 2016 "Operation Statewide" 40 people arrested in New Jersey child porn crackdown

Oct 3, 2016 5 arrested in San Francisco California child porn ring

Oct 11, 2016 56 arrested in Spain involved with child pornography ring

Oct 19, 2016 "Operation Cross Country X" FBI rescues 82 children, arrests more than 200 in sex trafficking sting

Oct 26, 2016 "Operation Deep Connection" 7 people behind massive child porn ring arrested in Italy

After Pizzagate

Nov 10, 2016: Chinese police arrest 300 child predator and pornography suspects, over 30 victims

Nov 21, 2016: Twittergate - Twitter user identifies 23,000 accounts associated with child porn

Nov 23, 2016: Operation Darkroom 150 Terabytes of child porn seized in Norway

Dec 7, 2016: Four face charges in suspected Quebec Canada child pornography ring

Dec 14, 2016: Operation Underground Railroad 10 arrested in child predator sting

Dec 21, 2016: Operation Safe Holiday 36 Texas men caught sexually exploiting children

Dec 21, 2016: 37,000 child rape images and videos found at ex-USA gymnastic doctor's home

- 11July2017 [1] - Ex-Team USA doctor Larry Nassar pleads guilty to child porn charges
- see also: Michigan

Jan 12, 2017: Project Safe Childhood prosecutes 48 child exploiters

Indiana Man Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Engaging in a Child Exploitation Enterprise [2] - "...Michael Fluckiger, 46, of Portland, Indiana, was sentenced to 240 months in prison for engaging in a child exploitation enterprise, along with lifetime supervised release. ... Fluckiger acted as the co-administrator of a highly-sophisticated global enterprise dedicated to the sexual exploitation of children, organized via a members-only website that operated on the Tor anonymity network, through which he and more than 150,000 other members authored and viewed tens of thousands of postings relating to sexual abuse of children as young as infants and toddlers. ... In addition, Fluckiger admitted that website members employed advanced technological means in order to undermine law enforcement’s attempts to identify them, including the use of a hidden service on the Tor anonymity network and elaborate file encryption. ...convicted co-defendant and lead administrator of the site, Steven W. Chase, 57, of Naples, Florida, of engaging in a child exploitation enterprise and related charges. ...Co-defendant and global moderator of the site, David Lynn Browning, 47, of Wooton, Kentucky ... As a result of the ongoing investigation, at least 48 alleged hands-on abusers have been prosecuted and 49 American children who were subjected to sexual abuse have been successfully identified or rescued. ...investigated the case with assistance from the FBI’s Charlotte, Tampa, and Boston, Field Offices. ...launched in May 2006..."
Source: Department of Justice Project Safe Childhood

Jan 2017: Operation Reclaim and Rebuild arrests 474 in connection to human trafficking Early in 2017 California police in San Diego arrested as many as 474 individuals connected to a massive child sex trafficking ring. At least 28 children and 27 women were saved in what was dubbed "Operation Rebuild and Reclaim".According to the task force, 142 male suspects were arrested on suspicion of solicitation, 238 suspects on suspicion of prostitution and 36 male suspects on suspicion of pimping. In San Diego County, the prior week's operation resulted in the arrest of 38 individuals, including 22 buyers, all of whom were charged with soliciting for prostitution, officials said. [3][4]

Press conference video

Feb 2017: Operation Cupid's Arrow - 12 arrests including Army colonel Dayton Cramer Source: Neon Nettle

Feb 2017: Super Bowl sting arrests 522 johns and pimps

During Super Bowl weekend 522 would-be sex buyers or sex traffickers were arrested across the United States.

The arrests follow a massive sting operation involving 23 law enforcement agencies in 14 states taking part in the National Johns Suppression Initiative. The program started three weeks ago and culminated on Super Bowl Sunday.

"Sex trafficking continues to destroy countless lives, and this broad national movement should send a strong message to prospective johns that their 'hobby' is much more than a 'victimless' crime," said Illinois Sheriff Thomas J. Dart in a press release.

"It's particularly meaningful that this sting culminated on the day of the Super Bowl, which unfortunately has emerged as a prominent haven for sex trafficking."

In the Houston area alone, where this year’s Super Bowl took place, law enforcement arrested 183 “johns” and 9 sex traffickers. Among those arrested was a Houston city employee who pulled up in a city vehicle, two firefighters, a retired police officer and a man who had his 4-year-old child in the car when he tried to buy sex.

Source: Aol (archived version)

Mar 2017: Operation Resilient arrests 15 in child sex sting


The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force began in a sting in March 2017 to catch online predators soliciting children for sex. All were caught as they attempted to meet up with what they believed to be children, but found were undercover investigators. 46 law enforcement agents from seven different agencies took part in the operation.[5](

18April2017 [6] - Spanish police said the operation, dubbed Operation Tantalio, involved the study of more than 360,000 files containing "humiliating treatment and an excessive brutality" against victims between the ages of zero and eight years. Some dated back 20 years, it added

26June2017 [7] - Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Forces arrested 1,012 suspected child predators from more than 40 states during a two-month nationwide operation - (DOJ) Operation Broken Heart

6July2017 [8] - Germany Dismantles Huge Ring of 87,000 Members Involved in Child Abuse - German prosecutors said Thursday they had shut down a major platform for organizing the sexual abuse of children, arresting its suspected administrator and others in Germany and abroad.

- "...The site, known as Elysium "was used for global exchanges of child pornography by its members and to arrange meetings to sexually abuse children," ...87,000 members traded images and video files of "the most serious sexual abuse of children, including babies, and representations of sexual violence against children," ... other administrators and members of the ring and arrested some of them, mostly in Germany and Austria..."

6July2017 [9] - Canada: Operation Icebreaker Leads to 16 Arrests for Child Porn

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