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Peter J. Nygård (born 1943) is a Finnish-Canadian executive, founder and chairman of Nygård International. He was rated the 93rd richest Canadian by Canadian Business Magazine in 2015 with a net worth of $857,6 million.


In February 2012, Nygård launched a lawsuit against the CBC regarding copyright issues about private videos taken at his residence, which were then used in an April 2010 documentary.

Nygard had also launched a copyright complaint with the US District Court in New York and a lawsuit in Manitoba to prevent the piece from airing. He had previously sued two former employees for releasing confidential information and his lawyer claimed CBC harassed many of the employees.

Nygard launched a civil suit against his neighbor Louis Bacon and the Lyford Cay Property Owners Association in The Bahamas alleging they conspired with the CBC to damage his reputation; he also filed a private criminal prosecution against three CBC journalists accusing them of conspiring to discredit him and his clothing empire.

Additional Relevant Information

CBC Documentary and claims regarding Nygard's "mini-brothel" for underage girls

CBC Fifth Estate documentary, Larger than Life, is a documentary about Peter Nygard. The New York Post described the documentary, by way of court documents filed in a legal dispute between Nygard and his Bahama neighbor, Louis Bacon:[1]

In court documents, Louis Bacon cites a Canadian documentary that claimed Nygard turned his beachfront estate into a “mini-brothel” where he persuades ­underage girls to have sex with him. Allegations about his treatment of women and his business practices were also covered in that documentary and a devastating 2010 Forbes profile titled “Peter Nygard Answers to No One.”

Additional information from online blog, Lilith News:[2]

According to the CBC Fifth Estate documentary "Larger than Life", Peter Nygard also has faced a string of complaints from airline staff, fashion models and even women as young as 16... the long and short of it is he is an abusive "rapist" who hides behind a team of lawyers and basically gets away with whatever he wants to do. The allegation of rape comes from a young woman who was once a guest on Nygard's estate but has since gone missing. Nygard's lawyers claim there was no foul play, but the girl hasn't been seen since.

Allegations of Rape and Sexual Misconduct against Nygard

From the November 18, 2010, Forbes profile of Nygard entitled, Peter Nygard Answers to No One:[3]

Allegations of sexual harassment have dogged Nygård for years. An investigative news program, aired by the Canadian Broadcasting Company in April, dredged up recent claims by former employees, many of whom focused on his alleged fiery temper. A former stewardess on his private plane told of one incident in which Nygård was accompanied by a bevy of topless women. At one point midflight, she recalls, Nygård, wild-haired and with his bathrobe open, began berating her co-worker, yelling, “You are nothing! You are garbage!” When the stewardess tried to calm him down, he screamed, “I am God! Do you not understand!?” Even after the security director intervened, she claims, Nygård continued to rage, shouting: “This is my plane. I can do whatever the hell I want!” Nygård told the CBC the incident never happened.

Even before the program aired, Nygård sued the CBC in New York for copyright infringement for taping video of a company fashion show. That case was dismissed in March. He also sued the broadcaster and ex-Nygård employees interviewed for the program in Canada. That suit, in which Nygård claims the CBC induced current and former employees to breach their employment contracts, is ongoing.

In the late 1990s Nygård paid to settle three sexual harassment complaints filed by former employees with the Manitoba Human Rights Commission. Since the cases were not adjudicated, the commission wouldn’t release the records. But the local paper, the Winnipeg Free Press, published two articles detailing the complaints. According to the paper, one of the women, a 27-year-old travel coordinator, said she “repeatedly brushed off Nygård’s touches and sexual advances.” Another, a 39-year-old communications manager, claimed that Nygård added skinny-dipping to the agenda of a business meeting. While in the Bahamas, where Nygård maintains a home and office on a huge estate, Nygård “frequently was grabbing himself (wearing a very small bathing suit),” her complaint alleges, according to the Free Press. When called to his office, “I would find him in a state of undress (pants open, no shirt) or with his hand down the front of his pants fondling himself.”

Nygård’s lawyer claimed the women filed complaints as leverage to get better severance and that the company settled to avoid the cost of litigation. Nygård himself told the Free Press he knew nothing about the complaints and later threatened a defamation action against the paper, the reporter and his former communications manager for publishing the accounts. (The Free Press reporter doesn’t recall a defamation suit.) He also faced a sexual harassment suit in 1996 from a Los Angeles employee, who claimed that, against her wishes, “she spent the night in Peter Nygård’s bed and engaged in sexual intercourse with him.” She later rejected his advances, she claims, and eventually was terminated. The case was dismissed.

Back in 1980 the Free Press reported that Nygård had been charged by Winnipeg authorities with raping an 18-year-old girl. (Canadian officials declined to comment on the charges.) Those charges were dropped months later when the complainant refused to testify at a preliminary hearing. According to the paper, Nygård said the police had “used ‘poor judgment’ in investigating the case and added that the whole matter could have been avoided had they adopted a more responsible attitude.” He told the Free Press that he planned to establish a foundation to finance work to improve the quality of the Canadian judicial system. Says a Nygård spokeswoman, “We have not heard of this charge.”


[Linda] Lampenius is a Finnish violinist and model whom Nygård put up for a week and introduced to entertainment industry executives in the spring of 1997. (As Linda Brava, she appeared on the cover of Playboy in the May 1998 issue.) Nygård claimed that after helping launch her career, Lampenius turned on him and defamed him in the Finnish press. In a May 1998 letter from Nygård’s attorney Lampenius was ordered to stop saying that “no women should go with Nygård” and that she needed her manager as “protection” during her stay at his house. When Lampenius refused, Nygård sued her in Los Angeles Superior Court. The case was settled three years later with Lampenius agreeing to print a full-page apology in the Finnish press.

In 2008 another woman–a former girlfriend–complained about an incident at Nygård’s Marina del Rey residence. She sued him in Los Angeles Superior Court for slamming a bedroom door shut on her hand. Nygård settled the case shortly after it was brought.

Allegations related to IBG factory in Jordan that produces Nygard apparel

Allegations of Human Trafficking

From the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights

- 14April2010 [5] - Nygard, Dillards, J.C. Penney and Wal-Mart clothing is being sewn at the International British Garments factory, where 1,200 guest workers from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India-75 percent of whom are young women-have been trafficked to Jordan, stripped of their passports and held under conditions of indentured servitude. - When the workers ask for the return of their passports and to be paid correctly, they are slapped and threatened with forcible deportation

Additional sources:[6]

- 14April2010 [7] - NLC: Women's Clothing Lines for Nygard/Dillard's, J.C. Penney and Wal-Mart Linked to Human Trafficking in Jordan Sweatshop
- 15April2010 [8] - Nygård Cited Over Factory - Peter Nygård was under fire Wednesday for using a Jordanian factory that allegedly partakes in human trafficking.

Allegations of Sexual Harassment and Rape

From the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights:[9]

- "...There are credible allegations that a top member of IBG's management staff raped a young Sri Lankan woman worker in late 2009. The workers believe the young woman was then deported back to Sri Lanka in October. At this point, these are just allegations, but they are serious ones, and a thorough, independent investigation must be launched... Workers report that sexual harassment still exists on the part of members of top management. It is not constant, but it does still happen..."


Private Plane

From The Vanity Fair article, The Billionaire Battle in the Bahamas, by Eric Konigsberg in January 2016: [10]

- "...Nygard is famous in The Bahamas. He flies there in a private jet that bears the words PETER NYGARD N FORCE and once reportedly had a stripper’s pole inside..."

Additionally, from the New York Post:[11]

- 6Dec2015 - "...[T]he billionaire became known for his regular Sunday-afternoon “pamper parties.” Nygard was often accompanied by topless women, here and on his private jet, which is emblazoned with his name..."

Relationship to #Pizzagate

Connection to Prince Andrew, Michael Jackson, Robert De Niro, Oprah Winfrey and George Herbert Walker Bush

From the New York Post article, Egomaniacal billionaires hell-bent on winning Bahamas blood feud, from Maureen Callahan on December 6th, 2015:[12]

- "...Nygard has lived in the Bahamas since 1987, building a 150,000-square-foot mansion replete with Mayan-inspired statues, a helipad, fake smoking volcanos, a glass ceiling weighing 100,000 pounds, a casino, a disco — with cameras under the dance floor to shoot women from below — and, according to a 2010 Forbes magazine article, a human aquarium. (A rep for Nygard denies there was ever a human aquarium.) Visitors to the estate, renamed Nygard Cay, have included Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, Robert De Niro, Prince Andrew and George Herbert Walker Bush..."

Connection to Mike Sitrick, owner of Sitrick and Company, and Jeffrey Epstein

From The Vanity Fair article, The Billionaire Battle in the Bahamas, by Eric Konigsberg in January 2016:[13]

"...Peter Nygard says that he has not seen the footage and that his lawyers dispute this account. Nevertheless, he has fought to have the footage ruled inadmissible. Earlier this year, he enlisted the help of Sitrick and Company, a Los Angeles P.R. and crisis-response firm that, in addition to many less controversial clients, has represented the Church of Scientology and Jeffrey Epstein, the New York financier imprisoned in 2008 for soliciting under-age prostitutes. Nygard ’s response to the defamation suit against him—on full display in his legal counterclaim—has been to double down and peddle more unverifiable and scandalous stories about Louis Bacon. In July, the judge assigned to the case issued a ruling limiting Louis Bacon’s complaints to alleged smears that were published in mid-January 2014 or later—leaving him with 30 of the original 135 claims against Nygard. Then, in October, the judge dismissed Nygard ’s counterclaim against Louis Bacon, writing that it constituted merely an attempt at retaliation, which is prohibited by the courts. Nygard says he plans to appeal..."

Connection to G4S



Eternal Youth

From The Vanity Fair article, The Billionaire Battle in the Bahamas, by Eric Konigsberg in January 2016:[15]

[Nygard] is obsessed with longevity. He was giving himself testosterone shots every other day and made arrangements with a lab to receive regular injections of his own stem cells. He talks about the virtues of exercise and healthy eating, and he takes about 50 pills a day—“vitamins, supplements, pharmaceuticals,” he says. “What is it that I’m working on? Getting younger.

From an additional source, a Yahoo News article entitled, Peter Nygard boasts possible immortality in Bahamas, by the CBC, published on March 1st, 2014:[16]

A former Winnipeg fashion icon is making bold claims about finding a modern-day fountain of youth.

Peter Nygard is featured in a YouTube video claiming stem cell technology being developed in the Bahamas is making him look and feel younger.

The 70-year-old designer moved from Winnipeg to the Bahamas several years ago where he launched a biotech company and hired four scientists to do work on stem cell technology.

He also lobbied the local government to create legislation that would further his research.

Now, Nygard claims he is “reverse aging.”

“Look at my before and after pictures,” he says in the video. “I’ve gone from anti-aging to reverse aging.”

The Clothing Industry

Additional Resources

Canadian defamation law

From Wikipedia: [17]

At common law, defamation covers any communication that tends to lower the esteem of the subject in the minds of ordinary members of the public. The perspective measuring the esteem is highly contextual, and depends on the view of the potential audience of the communication and their degree of background knowledge. Probably true statements are not excluded, nor are political opinions unless explicitly stated as such.[2] Intent is always presumed, and it is not necessary to prove that the defendant intended to defame. Where a communication is expressing a fact, it can still be found defamatory through innuendo suggested by the juxtaposition of the text or picture next to other pictures and words.
For all the lofty quotes about free speech in Canadian jurisprudence, the reality is that our libel laws are the least protective of free speech in the English-speaking world.

For Further Research

  • Unconfirmed Source [18]
  • In addition to his residence on the Upper East Side, he owns a weekend home on Robins Island, off the coast of Southampton, Long Island, where he hosts polo matches and driven-pheasant shoots. (He bought the entire 445-acre island in 1993 for $11 million.) [20]
  • Some worried that in rebuilding Nygard Cay he would try to obtain permission to turn the property into a commercial resort or a stem-cell research facility. (For a while, he advertised it as a rental for $294,000 a week.) Nygard had mentioned in a letter to the prime minister that a stem-cell center on the island could provide employment for hundreds of Bahamians, but insists that he had no intention of building it at Nygard Cay. [21]
  • He also blamed Bacon for an unflattering documentary that ran on the Canadian TV series The Fifth Estate in 2010, titled Peter Nygard: Larger than Life. Nygard has filed multiple lawsuits, and the CBC has removed the piece from the Internet. In court documents, Nygard called the reporting false and asserted that the most damning accusers had been paid off by Bacon, who calls Nygard’s suspicions “baseless.” [22] (S35E20) [23]
  • Nygard International - Nygard is the founder of Nygard International, a Canadian company that specializes in the production of women’s wear
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