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Pizzagate Wiki: Editor's Choice for week Feb. 5 to Feb. 11, 2017

My personal selections for the top pages edited last week, enjoy!

Special thanks to contributors PeterVenkman, Truthplease5, and Nemesis!



Pizzagate Wiki owner, RebelSkum, is interviewed on the Higherside Chats podcast.

Thanks to all contributors here and on other sites that have helped in making sense out of this crazy story!



Now joining forces with and as well as a future show on The Higherside Chats

The Pizzagate Wiki is going public in a big way. We are now combining efforts with other organizations and websites. RebelSkum will also be appearing on The Higherside Chats this February following an interview on February 1st.

Go to for an alternative platform to Voat & Reddit for discussing topics and evidence with other researchers. Includes site chat.

Go to and for updates on WikiLeaks-related material and research

See more at for great material on alternative, suppressed, and revolutionary theories hosted by the brilliant Greg Carlwood.

We have also been attempting to contact George Webb in regards to the attack on our DynCorp page on New Years.

Thank you kindly!

The Pizzagate Wiki team


Alternatives to if it does not work for a page

In rare cases might not work. In that case, make sure the page is being saved on (The Wayback Machine) so that it's at least backed up somewhere other than the source.

If nothing else seems to work, copy the page's source code and paste it in a Pastebin document (to be accessed via web).

Thank you!

The Pizzagate Wiki team


  • Mobile theme added for our many mobile users
  • New, much more helpful sidebar
  • Added several more categories
  • Updated Main Page to be smaller
  • Updated the "What is Pizzagate?" section to include facts on human slavery, international trafficking, and the 34 countries affected on the site so far


Pizzagate Wiki post on Reddit about Osama bin Laden's burial and Stratfor now #3 on /r/conspiracy's front page! Congrats!

It is also currently #3 for the day and was #21 for the week. Progress.



Looks like we made it in one piece. Smooth moves, dudes.


A sincere thank you from RebelSkum:

Welcome to the re-grouped #Pizzagate Wiki! May we continue to deliver unprecedented investigative documentation on once obscure facts about crimes and potential abuses of power conducted by governments around the World. Together with brave anons, white hats, wizards, autists, and the occasional Plebbitors and /b/astards we will always be watching The Powers That Be and will always speak out for those who cannot. Using facts and real, sourced news as well as honest discussion we can collectively solve perhaps the greatest and most secret crime spree ever committed.

Keep your facts straight, nose clean, and chin up!


The Wiki has moved from The Pizzagate Review in light of increasingly severe spam and DDoS attacks. The original team has stayed together, but this domain is administrated by yours truly, User:RebelSkum. Pretty much everything will remain as it was, fact-based investigative content, but we will be more able to respond to future attacks and have some extra resources at our disposal.

Thank you all for your support! RebelSkum