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Pizza as a codeword

  • It's the most popular definition of cheese pizza in the Urban Dictionary


Pizzerias as a cover for pedophiles


Dojo Pizza

Dojo Pizza raided in alleged human trafficking ring: [1]

Federal agents, along with officers with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, raided Dojo Pizza on Morganford Road in connection with an alleged human trafficking ring Friday afternoon.

Police on the scene say seven girls under the age of 17 were found "housed' in the establishment.

"It's real shocking because the man, he's been there for three to four years," said Helen David, a business owner in the area. "The intent was that he was keeping kids out of trouble and he did karate. They did dance. They sold pizza. I bought pizza from him."

"I would say it's very popular with kids," one resident near Dojo Pizza said. "I noticed girls there dressed very comfortably, booty shorts, short shorts, pajama pants, and sleeping shorts." One resident even claims to have heard screaming coming from inside the building saying it happened about a month ago and sounded like two girls shouting "help me." (This description is similar to a video from 2007 about Comet Ping Pong [2])

Dojo Pizza owner charged with child pornography: [3]

“Nobody was forced to do anything. These kids could come and go as they wanted and they did. There was nobody chained to the basement or forced or beaten. I think the evidence will show that,” said Meehan. (This is very similar to what Alefantis said)

Imo's Pizza

Michael John Devlin (born November 19, 1965) is an American criminal convicted of kidnapping and child sexual abuse. He is currently serving seventy-four life sentences at Crossroads Correctional Center in Cameron, Missouri.

Before his arrest, Devlin worked as a manager for Imo's Pizza and as a part-time funeral home worker at Bopp Chapel in Kirkwood, Missouri.

On January 12, 2007, Devlin was taken into custody and charged with the abduction four days earlier of 13-year-old William Benjamin Ownby, whom police found that day. At the time of his discovery, law enforcement officials found another missing boy, Shawn Hornbeck. He had disappeared on October 6, 2002, at age 11 while riding his bike to a friend's house in Richwoods, Missouri. No one had heard from him until he was discovered in Devlin's apartment.

The two boys were discovered after police noticed Devlin's white pickup truck, which matched the description of a vehicle in the vicinity of the 2002 abduction, in the parking lot of his apartment complex. They happened to be there to serve an unrelated arrest warrant. Hornbeck lived with Devlin, who presented the boy as his son.

Goat Hill Pizza

The gunman could have worked there. Users on 4chan saw Facebook posts of employees of Goat Hill Pizza talking about it.[4][5].

Baby Doll Pizza

Referenced in one of the pictures by the user 'pizzafuckingparty'.