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Prince Andrew (born Andrew Albert Christian Edward February 19, 1960) is the second son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip and is sixth in line to the throne (2017).


  • [1] nicknamed "Randy Andy" by the press media.
  • [2] His connections to a string of Middle Eastern despots and their offspring (many now dead or in exile following the Arab Spring), "shady financiers", accused money-launderers, convicted gun-runners, porn-star girlfriends, his profligate ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, and billionaire convicted child-sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, have proved fertile ground for the British press over the years.
  • Special Representative for International Trade and Investment (2001 to 2011)
  • [3] After Roberts' story about being a sex slave was published, opposition politicians demanded Prime Minister David Cameron axe the prince's role as UK trade envoy. The duke stood down instead.
  • [4] Soon after (and just 18 months after Epstein was released from prison) the prince was forced to apologise for his friendship with the convicted paedophile, after they were photographed walking through New York's Central Park together.
  • [5] Though the couple divorced in 1996 after 10 years of unfaithful marriage, they still live together.
  • [6] Prince Andrew was called on to help in an episode of Jim’ll Fix It (Jimmy Savile) when an eight-year-old girl asked to visit a warship.
  • accused by Virginia Roberts of having sex with her on three separate occasions (at Ghislaine Maxwell's private townhouse in the UK, in New York and in Jeffrey Epstein's private property on Little St James (there are mentions that Epstein installed hidden cameras, possibly for use as blackmail. As an example, two hidden cameras were found by police at Epstein's Palm Beach residence [7])
  • [8] The Duke of York is said to have visited the Palm Beach residence and enjoyed daily massages from young women when he was a guest of Epstein.

Personal life

Relationship to #Pizzagate

Connection to Prince Charles


Connection to Jeffrey Epstein

wiki: [9]

  • 7Jan2015 [10] - Prince Andrew Might Have Been Caught On Tape With 'Sex Slave'

Connection to Ghislaine Maxwell

Connection to Peter Nygard

From the New York Post article, Egomaniacal billionaires hell-bent on winning The Bahamas blood feud, from Maureen Callahan on December 6th, 2015:[11]

[Peter] Nygard has lived in the Bahamas since 1987, building a 150,000-square-foot mansion replete with Mayan-inspired statues, a helipad, fake smoking volcanos, a glass ceiling weighing 100,000 pounds, a casino, a disco — with cameras under the dance floor to shoot women from below — and, according to a 2010 Forbes magazine article, a human aquarium. (A rep for Nygard denies there was ever a human aquarium.)

Visitors to the estate, renamed Nygard Cay, have included Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, Robert De Niro, Prince Andrew and George H.W. Bush.

Connection to pedophile British DJ Jimmy Savile

From Daily Mail article, How Savile seduced the royals: As it's claimed he nearly became godfather to Harry, how the predatory DJ wormed his way into the very heart of Palace life, by Richard Kay, June 12th, 2015:[12]

But [Jimmy] Savile did not confine himself to one royal. Prince Andrew was called on to help in an episode of Jim’ll Fix It when an eight-year-old girl asked to visit a warship. 

The Naval officer Prince was her host on his minehunter, HMS Cottesmore. Princess Anne was similarly obliging on another episode of the Saturday night programme, while Prince Philip was leant on to help a fundraising drive for the National Spinal Injuries Centre at Stoke Mandeville hospital in Buckinghamshire.


  • 23 Sep 2007 - [13] Prince Andrew's friend, Ghislaine Maxwell, some underage girls and a very disturbing story
  • 11 Jan 2015 - [14] Scandal never far from Prince Andrew and his former wife, Sarah Ferguson (very good detailed article)

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