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Censorships of single articles/posts

Banning of /r/Pizzagate

Citing its policy against posting the personal information of others, Reddit has banned the /r/Pizzagate board from the site on November 23, 2016 [2]. According to the page that was left, Reddit denounced Pizzagate as a "witch hunt". Displaced Reddit users soon moved to The ban arguably boosted public interest in the Pizzagate controversy, a la the "Streisand effect".

Meanwhile, Reddit continues to keep boards like /r/PedoFriends, /r/jailbait, and /r/necroporn, (pedophile and necrophilia hubs) and ban other investigative boards, like /r/CitizenInvestigators.

During the election and to this day, however, Correct the Record and supporters of Hillary Clinton are allowed to violate Reddit Terms of Service and harass users [3]. There are many double-standards in place there it would seem.

It should be mentioned as well that the cited Washington Post article was dated by Google on November 22, 2016, one day before the actual subreddit was taken down. The subreddit was taken down at around 1-2pm on the 23rd, there's no conceivable way an article could possibly appear on the previous day. According to Google themselves: "Be sure that if your content is date driven, that the date of last revision is the first date that Google sees in the source. If there are any other dates prior to that, there's a strong chance that is the date Google is going to display in the Snippet." [4] The first date in the source for this article, however, is 11/23/2016. A plausible explanation for the date would be that the article was being drafted on November 22, and likely not publicly available until it was ultimately published on the 23rdm which would hint some foreknowledge of the Washington Post in the Reddit takedown.

Banning of /r/Operation_Berenstain

This community had been around longer than /r/Pizzagate, but was recently banned for effectively the same reason. The subreddit was dedicated to "investigating the crimes of the elite". The premise of the subreddit was algined with this Wiki's, with the difference of being an actively speculative discussion forum.

Here's from the subreddit's sidebar as an overview of their rules and policies. The Reddit terms of service don't disallow more of these than those of /r/necroporn or /r/PedoFriends.

"Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere" -Martin Luther King Jr.

Both the Democratic and Republican establishments have long been against the People being educated, and standing up for their rights.

These past couple years we have seen an unprecedented rise in resistance to this. It is wonderful to see, but a sign that we have a lot to do.

This subreddit is here to be a hub for this resistance. To share research and assist in the takedown of the powers that be.

The US is at war in at least 7 countries, elites in many countries may quite possibly traffic children at an alarming rate, leaders & researchers are still being blatantly killed. Rampant election fraud, false narratives, and corruption to the highest order. This all has to change, please help us in our cause.

Please cite your sources.

The Clintons did not win the presidency, but there is still a great deal of power consolidated behind them.


  • No politics
  • No shitposts
  • No memes
  • No personally identifying information
  • No caps lock
  • No aggression against other redditors
  • No hyperbole, such as "100% proof or "smoking gun"

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  • November 24, 2016 (UK Daily Mail) [5] - Reddit CEO accused of stifling free speech by Trump supporters after he admitted to editing negative posts about himself on his own site conspiracy board - Steve Huffman co-founded social media site Reddit in 2005 - Earlier this week, Reddit shut down the 'pizzagate' conspiracy board - 'Pizzagate' alleged Hillary Clinton housed child sex ring in local pizza shop - The fake news story led to torrent of abuse against pizza owner - Huffman admitted to editing abusive posts about him from Trump backers.

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